Carolyn Transcript from Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Details Epstein’s Abusive Behavior

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*Carolyn Was Paid $300 Per “Message” on Epstein

*Virginia Roberts Introduced Carolyn to Epstein at the Age of 14

*Asked to Go on Vacation with Epstein at the Ae of 14

*Accused Epstein of Rape in Testimony

*Wept While Discussing Group Sex with Epstein in Massage Room 

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

New York, New York (TRL) – On Tuesday of week two, Jane Doe #3 identified as “Carolyn,” gave her testimony that she was groomed at a young age of 14 being paid as much as $300 dollars for nude massages and intercourse at times with Jeffrey Epstein. The Rundown Live has been releasing the courthouse stenographer’s transcripts and releasing them to the public and this is the 4th bombshell release.  The transcript details erotic behavior of group gratification – including time spent with Virginia Roberts.

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Q.What was your life like at home when you were 14 years old?

A. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted.

Q. Why is that?

A. Because my mom was an alcoholic and a drug addict .

Q. When you were between the ages of 14 and 16, how did you make money?

A. I went to Mr. Epstein’s house and got money that way.

Q. How did you first meet — and when you say “Mr. Epstein,” do you know his full name?

A. Yes.

Q. What’s his full name?

A. Jeffrey Epstein.

Q. How did you first meet Jeffrey Epstein?

A. Through the guy I was dating.

Q. What’s the first name of the guy you were dating when you were 14?

A. Shawn.

Q. Can you spell that for us?

A. S-H-A-W-N.

Q. How did you meet Shawn?

A. He lives across the street from me.

Q. In West Palm Beach?

A. Yes.

Q. About how old were you when you first started dating Shawn?

A. Thirteen.

Q. About how old was Shawn when you first started dating him?

A. Seventeen.

Q. I’d like you to please turn back to the binder and pull out what’s been marked for identification has Government Exhibit

20. Let us know when you’re there.

A. I’m sorry, which exhibit?

Q. Two zero, 20.

A. I’m here.

Q. Is the name on that exhibit, without saying it out loud, Shawn’s full name?

A. Yes.

MS. COMEY: Your Honor, the government offers this exhibit under seal.

MR. PAGLIUCA: No objection.

THE COURT: Thank you.

Q. Carolyn, when you first met Shawn, how old did you tell him you were?

A. Seventeen.

Q. How, if at all, to your knowledge, did Shawn lear n how old you actually were?
A. I was going — I had a birthday and I was going to be 14.

Q. Did he come to your 14th birthday party?

A. Yeah.

Q. And is that how he learned your actual age?

A. Yeah.

THE COURT: I just ask again, Carolyn, please speak directly into the mic so everyone can hear you. Thank you.

Q. How did Shawn lead you to meeting Jeffrey Epstein ?

A. Through friends of his, Virginia Roberts and Tony Figueroa.

Q. How did you meet Virginia?

A. Through Shawn.

Q. About how old were you when you met Virginia?

A. Fourteen.

MS. COMEY: Ms. Drescher, would you please pull up what’s in evidence as Government Exhibit 113.

Q. Carolyn, do you recognize the person on the screen in front of you?

A. Yes.

Q. Who is that?

A. That’s Virginia.

Q. Is that the same Virginia we were just talking about?

A. Yes, ma’am.

MS. COMEY: We can take that down. Thank you.

Q. Who was Tony in relation to Virginia?

A. Her boyfriend.

Q. What would you, Shawn, Tony, and Virginia do toge ther when

you were 14 years old?

A. We would smoke pot.

Q. How do you remember Jeffrey Epstein first coming up with that group?

A. Virginia asked me if I wanted to go make money.

Q. Did she tell you what you would need to do to make that money?

A. Not right away.

Q. Before you ultimately went, did she tell you?

A. No.

Q. What did she tell you?

A. That we were going to go to her friend’s house who lived on Palm Beach Island, and I was going to meet one of her wealthy friends.

Q. And do what?

A. Give him a massage.

Q. How did you respond?

A. Okay. I said okay.

Q. Why did you say okay?

A. Because I was going to make a lot of money.

Q. About how old were you the first time you went to Jeffrey Epstein’s house?

A. Fourteen.

Q. Do you remember about what time of year it was the year you were 14?

A. Yes. It is around spring, like going into summer .

Q. How did you get to Jeffrey Epstein’s house that first time?

A. Virginia drove me.

Q. When you got to Jeffrey Epstein’s house — withdr awn.

Where was Jeffrey Epstein’s house?

A. On Palm Beach Island.

Q. What did the outside of the house look like that first day you went there?

A. I could tell it was a mansion and it was pink.

Q. Did you go there multiple times after that?

A. Yes.

Q. Did the color of the house change at some point?

A. Yes.

Q. To what?

A. White.

Q. That first day when you got to Jeffrey Epstein’s house, who went inside?

A. Me and Virginia.

Q. What room did you walk into?

A. The kitchen.

Q. When you walked into the kitchen, what happened?

A. We were greeted by Ms. Maxwell.

Q. What did Ms. Maxwell look like?

A. An older lady.

Q. Can you describe her.

A. She had an accent and she had like shoulder-length black hair.

Q. How did you learn her name?

A. She introduced herself.

Q. Did she say just her last name or both her first and her last name?

A. Her first and her last name.

Q. What did you call her?

A. Maxwell.

Q. Why did you call her Maxwell instead of using her first name?

A. Because I couldn’t exactly pronounce her first name correctly.

Q. When Maxwell greeted you in the kitchen, what, if anything, did Virginia say to Maxwell?

A. That I was her friend.

Q. Did she say your name?

A. Yes.

Q. What did she say?

A. She said, This is my friend Carolyn.

Q. And what did Maxwell say?

A. You can bring her upstairs and show her what to d o.

Q. What happened next?

A. We walked up the stairs that were in the kitchen, and we passed a bunch of bedrooms and entered into Mr. Epstein’s bedroom, into his bathroom area.

Q. Can you describe the bathroom that you went into off of Mr. Epstein’s bedroom.

A. Yes. When you walk in, there is a sink to your right, there is a dresser to the left, there is a closet area, there is a toilet area, there is a steam room, and then t here’s a shower.

Q. What, if any, seating do you remember?

A. There is an ugly polka-dotted couch.

Q. After you went into that room with Virginia, what did Virginia show you?

A. Where the massage table was.

Q. Then what happened?

A. We walked into the little closet area and she was pulling out the massage table. And I was looking at all the photos that were on the wall.
Q. What else did Virginia show you, if anything?

A. Where all the massage oils and lotions were kept.

Q. And where was that?

A. In the bottom drawer of the dresser that is on your left-hand side.

Q. After the massage table was set up, what did you and Virginia do next?

A. Virginia had taken off her clothes and she asked me if I would be comfortable taking off mine. And I told her I would like to keep my bra and underwear on.

Q. So at that point what was Virginia wearing?

A. Nothing.

Q. And what were you wearing?

A. My bra and underwear.

Q. What happened next?

A. Mr. Epstein came into the room.

Q. Then what happened?

A. He brushed his teeth and then laid face down on the massage table.

Q. While Mr. Epstein was face down on the massage table, what did you and Virginia do?

A. We massaged the backs of his legs up to his buttocks.

Q. Then what happened?

A. After 45 minutes, he had turned over.

Q. What happened when Mr. Epstein turned over?

A. Virginia got on top of him.

Q. And what did you see Virginia and Mr. Epstein doing?

A. Having sex.

Q. Where were you while Virginia and Mr. Epstein were having sex on the massage table?

A. I was sitting on the couch right in front of them .

Q. Did Mr. Epstein touch you during this first massage?

A. No.

Q. After that ended, what happened next?

A. I was paid.

Q. Where did the money come from?

A. It was on top of the sink.

Q. In that same bathroom?

A. Yes.

Q. Who got money?

A. Me and Virginia.

Q. How much money did you get?

A. $300.



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