Wisconsin Local Starts Kickstarter to Send The Rundown Live to Cover Ghislaine Maxwell Case in New York City


Milwaukee, WI (TRL) – Kristan T. Harris, the journalist who brought extensive coverage of the Kenosha unrest and was a key witness in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has offered to go cover the Ghislaine Maxwell/Epstein trial in New York City on November 29 if funds could be raised according to a Twitter post. A local individual affiliated with Harris started a Kickstarter and within 24 hours has already reached almost $1000.

“My friend and solid, honest Independent Journalist Kristan T Harris has an opportunity to cover the Ghislaine Maxwell case in New York. New York is far and expensive- we need your help! Take this journey with us as friends and supporters and keep the Independent Journalists in this country on the ground and reporting back the FACTS.
The mainstream media has twisted stories and told you lies for years. Do you want to stop that madness?? This is how! Support your local, hardworking journalist.”
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