Katie’s Transcripts in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Shocking Disclosure of Grooming


* Groomed and interviewed by Ghislaine Maxwell
* Introduced to Epstein By Ghislaine Maxwell
* Gave Massages at the Young Age of 17 that Turned Erotic to Jeffrey Epstein
* Full Transcript Acquired By the Rundown Live

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

New York, New York (TRL) – On Monday’s Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Jane Doe #2 took to the witness stand under the pseudonym of Katie. The blond actress and model disclosed disturbing behavior that supports both Jane Doe’s testimony transcripts as well as Juan Alessi’s (Butler) transcripts from earlier last week. Just like we heard from Jane doe, Katie testified that she “was a working musician, singer, and songwriter.” Also, just like Jane Doe Katie had a rough home situation.

“Well, my mother was having a difficult time and she had been quite ill. So it was a bit stressful and I was alone quite a lot,” in her testimony Monday morning at the New York Courthouse.

Q. Did there come a time when you met Ghislaine Maxwell?

A. Yes.

Q. How did you meet Maxwell?

A. I had been dating a man and we took a trip to Paris, and he introduced me to Ghislaine Maxwell in Paris.

Q. Approximately how old were you at the time you met Maxwell in Paris?

A. Approximately 17.

Q. And approximately what year were you 17 years old?

A. God, I can’t do the math. So that was ’94.

Q. Is that 1994?

A. Yes.

Q. And you mentioned that you met her through a friend. About how old was the friend?

A. He was about 35.

Q. And what was the nature of your relationship with the friend?

A. We were dating.

Q. Did you speak with Maxwell the night you met her?

A. Yes.

Q. What, if anything, did you and Maxwell speak about?

A. We spoke about — we spoke about the evening and where we were, you know, we were headed to — out for the evening. And we spoke about where I lived, we spoke about the man that I was dating. She was asking me things about myself.

Q. What did Maxwell look like when you met her?

A. She was very sophisticated and very elegant. And she had short — quite short dark brown hair. She just –she was very impressive.

Q. About how old did she seem?

A. In her 30s.

MS. POMERANTZ: Ms. Drescher, can we please pull up what’s in evidence as Government Exhibit 115.

Q. Do you recognize the person in this photograph?

A. Yes.

Q. Who is it?

A. It’s Ghislaine Maxwell.

After several meetings and Ghislaine introducing Katie to Jeffrey Epstein she started to give Jeffrey Epstein massages that lead to intercourse. Later on in the testimony we hear about these interactions.

Q. What, if anything, did Maxwell say about Epstein’s need for massages?

A. She said that he needed massages all the time and it was very difficult to keep up.

Q. Where did you and Maxwell go after that conversation?

A. She led me up the stairs and opened the door to a room that had a massage table in it.

Q. Can you describe the room for the jury.

A. Yes. It was dimly lit. It was a small room. There was a massage table, some towels, and Jeffrey was in theroom.

Q. What was Epstein wearing?

A. He was wearing a robe.

Q. What, if anything, did he do with the robe?

A. He took off the robe.

Q. What, if anything, was Epstein wearing under the robe?

A. He was naked.

Q. Where was he when he removed the robe?

A. Standing facing the door.

Q. Where was Maxwell when Epstein removed the robe?

A. In the doorway facing him.

Q. What, if anything, did Maxwell give you?

A. She gave me some massage oil.

Q. Did you enter the room?

A. Yes.

Q. Did someone close the door?

A. Yes.

Q. Who closed the door?

A. Ghislaine Maxwell closed the door.

Q. After the door was closed, did you give Epstein a massage?

A. Yes.

Q. Without telling the jury the details, during the massage, did Epstein initiate sexual contact with you?

A. Yes.

Q. Did Epstein engage in a sex act with you during the massage?

A. Yes.

Q. I’d like to move forward to the end of the massage. After it ended, where did you go?

A. I left the room and started walking down the stairs.

Q. And who, if anyone, did you see?

A. I saw Ghislaine Maxwell.

Q. What, if anything, did Maxwell say?

A. She said — she said, How did it go? Did you have fun? Was it good?

Q. Can you describe Maxwell’s tone when she made those statements.

A. She seemed very excited and happy. She thanked me again.

Q. Did you leave Maxwell’s house?

A. Yes.

Q. Did there come a time when you saw Epstein again in London?

A. Yes.

Q. About how long after the massage you just testified about did you see Epstein again?

A. A few days later.

Q. Where did you see Epstein again?

A. In Ghislaine Maxwell’s house.

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