Kristan T. Harris of the Rundown Live Takes Witness Stand at Kyle Rittenhouse Trial



Kenosha, Wi. (TRL)  Editor of the Rundown Live, Kristan T. Harris took the witness stand following a shifty testimony by Gaige Grosskreutz where he admitted he was shot by the defendant Kyle Rittenhouse after pointing his gun at the defendants head, in which he illegally possessed due to a “prior misdemeanor conviction for intoxicated use of a firearm in Wisconsin, online records show. He received probation in that 2015 case, records reveal,” according HEAVY.

Harris was questioned about the volatile Kenosha protest in which Kyle Rittenhouse shot 3 white males, killing two. The Daily Wire reported that Harris also warned the armed men, “this whole crowd could burn you guys alive if you say the wrong thing.” Protesters were upset because a dumpster fire had been put out.

In an interview with CBS 58, Harris told Michele Fiore that “I don’t think the law enforcement made good decisions that night. I don’t think the armed citizens made good decisions that night. I don’t think the protesters made good decisions that night, and I think that’s why we have court and that’s why we’re there now.”