Top Five Stories You Haven’t Heard From The Mainstream Media

• While the mainstream media works hard to distract the public with divide & conquer and/ or bread & circus narratives, many major stories should be making the headlines.

• NodeXL Israeli spying; New JFK info; Fauci propaganda campaign exposed; CNN pedophiles; Adam Kokesh freed.


Don Via Jr. | The Free Thought Project


While the mainstream media continues to either outright propagandize the masses, or make abstruse any semblance of factual reporting; The Free Thought Project stays dedicated to bringing you the information they refuse to talk about.

Time and again MSM pundits have demonstrated themselves to be stenographers of the State rather than the arbiters of critical journalism speaking truth to power —  Particularly in this day and age where examples like this are innumerable. This is why publications like ours exist.

To that point, living in such an era of deliberate deception via the corporate press as we do, there remains a plethora of vital stories the public needs to know that tends to slip through the cracks.

As such, TFTP has decided to resurrect an old practice of ours — In addition to our regular reporting we will also put forth the initiative to provide a collection of brief updates and further insight into additional news stories kept from the public eye, but very much within the public’s right to know.

So here are five additional stories you likely haven’t heard from the mainstream media as they shoved Omicron down our throats 24/7:

1.) The Spying Scandal You Haven’t Heard Of: NodeXL.

By now most of us are aware of the constant illegal mass surveillance taking place on all members of the public at all times. Since the 2013 revelations of the NSA’s illegal spying program by Edward Snowden, it’s become common knowledge.

However new information about the extent of the surveillance state continues to come forward, despite the lack of headline coverage of it. What many may not be aware of is that it is not just the United States that has erected a global panopticon of 24/7 snoops. Our ally Israel is arguably the next runner up in the “how much illegal crap can we get away with” contest.

Enter NodeXL; NodeXL is a popular software package used with a multitude of different Microsoft products. It’s also recently been revealed as the means by which Israel has conducted its illegal spying operations on a plethora of unsuspecting people.

On a recent episode of RT’s Redacted Tonight, journalist Lee Camp was joined by cybersecurity expert Sean O’Brien who shed some light on this startling, though admittedly not necessarily surprising, disclosure.

O’Brien went on to reveal that the technology has been utilized in coordination with the United States to mount massive surveillance campaigns on a number of those targeted as “dissidents” — which include but not limited to; supporters of Julian Assange, reporters within the alternative press, and other anti-establishment activists such as those who speak out against police brutality.

2.) New JFK Assassination Information Dismantles The Official Story

Oliver Stone is known for his legendary work as a writer and director in the film industry. Having his name attached to such classics as Scarface and Platoon. However some of his most impactful work comes from the documentaries he’s produced regarding the life and death of President John F Kennedy.

Stone has never been a stranger to controversy, often speaking out against the war machine and asserting the importance of critical thinking. His latest documentary continues to follow in those footsteps.

JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass, as the name suggests is a powerful piece in which Stone revisits some of the most compelling and curious information regarding the death of President Kennedy. On the backdrop of newly uncovered information that purports to completely discredit the official story.

With Stone going so far to say —

“In the years since the Warren report there is so much more that we know. Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts.”

recent report featured in Covert Action Magazine, one of the oldest independent media publications to take aim at reporting clandestine affairs, sheds light on some of the bombshell information the film uncovers — directly implicating the apparatus of American intelligence agencies.

Stone teams up with fellow JFK assassination researchers to show how the former President’s policies posed a threat to the ruling class and military industrial complex. Exposing a web of intelligence community connections to both Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby.

They also examine the IC ties to the Warren Commission beyond CIA director Allen Dulles, the commission’s conflicts of interest, and subsequent cover-up.

3.) Fauci Emails Expose Propaganda Campaign Conspiracy.

By now it isn’t a secret that Dr. Anthony Fauci is no stranger to controversy. In addition to the last two years of policy decisions proving what is either gross incompetence or willful deceit, and clearly apparent characteristic traits demonstrating him as an egotistical narcissist. Document disclosures in recent months via the Freedom Of Information Act have exposed his career is one fraught with nefarious practices.

From the psychotic torture of innocent animals; to a stunning piece from Newsweek of all places recently revealing further documents showing Fauci and the NIH/NIAID committed several violations when conducting research to deliberately engineer a coronavirus pathogen specifically capable of causing a pandemic — Research that even the morally destitute Pentagon thought was too dangerous — and even further skeletons in his closet laid bare by Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Fauci’s history begins to read like that of a mad scientist dreamed up in the mind of Mary Shelley.

But the controversy doesn’t stop there. After a year’s worth of defamatory propaganda vilifying any of the countless reputable experts who dare pose a contrary opinion against lockdowns and mandates, newly released emails revealed that it was Dr. Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH who were behind the concerted effort.

The report, courtesy of our colleagues at The Pulse, exemplifies how Fauci and his boss devised a conspiracy to demonize the signatories of The Great Berrington Declaration — Respected epidemiologists from three of the world’s most prestigious universities who proposed pandemic management strategies alternative to lockdowns.

The emails specify their desire for a “quick and devastating” take down of dissenting opinions — completely stifling any hope for authentic scientific discourse in a time when it was direly needed.

Upon publication of the documents Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University and one of the three original signatories of the Declaration, stated on Twitter —

“So now I know what it feels like to be the subject of a propaganda attack by my own government. Discussion and engagement would have been a better path.”

In reality, what was the most “quick and devastating” were the lockdowns themselves. It has long been public knowledge that the impact of these measures has inflicted incomprehensibly irreparable damage to our civilization.

A boon for the wealthy predator class while crushing middle-class workers and plunging millions into poverty; Arguably the worst societal health catastrophe of a generation. And the progenitor of lockdown policies, Dr. Neil Ferguson, having since been exposed as being a career fraudster whose pandemic projections were determined after a review by independent experts to have been completely unreliable in the first place.

All of this has been public knowledge, with over 400 studies to date proving the failure of compulsory covid interventions. And yet Fauci maintained his policy to denigrate any scientist who voiced concerns.

How many countless lives would have been spared had he just listened to the experts?

4.) Project Veritas Exposes More Pedophiles At CNN

The recent accounts exposing CNN’s John Griffin were despicable enough. Last week it was reported that the producer who worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Chris Cuomo was charged and arrested with multiple counts of abusing several young children. Unfortunately however, the saga continues.

James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas published a new report last week that is even more disturbing than the last. O’Keefe released a video explaining the circumstances under which their organization received the information and the decision to go public with it.

They were contacted by Janine Bonanni, a case manager for victims of human trafficking and sexual assault who came forward with the evidence after the accused confessed to her his sick fantasies involving his 14 year old stepdaughter.

An update on the story revealed the predator to be CNN producer Rick Saleeby, the producer most closely associated with CNN’s Jake Tapper. According to Bonanni, Saleeby was comfortable disclosing this information to her due to her past as a sex worker, where they met.

But due to Bonanni’s newfound occupation, and recognizing the immediate danger, she made the decision to play along with his fantasy through text messages in order to extract enough credible evidence to bring to authorities.

Whether or not Saleeby remains employed by CNN is unclear, despite an investigation in which Fairfax County Police have seized all of his electronics.

O’Keefe’s full interview with Bonanni can be seen below, but viewer discretion must be advised. Some of the content you are about to hear is extremely disturbing:

5.) Leaving Off On A Good Note

From dark and despicable to positive and uplifting. This final entry is less of a story of its own, and more of an update to one of our recent articles. Last week TFTP brought you the story of the unlawful arrest of former presidential candidate Adam Kokesh — who was stopped, assaulted, and unjustly thrown in a cage for driving without license plates and possessing psilocybin mushrooms.

As we elaborated in our article, the policies of the drug war and the persecution of innocent persons for victimless infractions deemed “crimes” is an affront to liberty. But the injustices did not stop there. Upon his incarceration there were multiple accusations of further rights abuses by Saguache county officials.

Worse still, he was not the only one subjected to cruel treatment. His dogs which were also confiscated and sent to the local pound were left in an outdoor kennel, forced to endure sub-freezing temperatures of the Colorado winter. Suffering frostbite on their ears as a result. The dogs were thankfully however soon retrieved by friends of Kokesh.

During this ordeal Kokesh mounted a protest from inside the jail, peacefully and passively refusing to cooperate with the booking process. Standing on the principle that he would not confess to a crime that was not committed. he thus brought the unjust system to a standstill.

Things were made even more complicated when the email address provided by the county for public thoughts and concerns began to return warnings that senders were misusing the email system and would be blocked if they continue to do so.

The abrupt change of policy was more than likely a response to the flooding of emails the small County began to receive from supporters of Kokesh from across the country. As a result, his partner Joie Leigh was poised to hand-deliver printed copies of the hundreds of emails directly to the judge the morning of Adam’s arraignment. Unsure of how long this treacherous tribulation would stretch through the holidays.

However, we here at The Free Thought Project are very happy to report that on the night of Tuesday, December 21st, what could possibly be called a Christmas miracle happened. Suddenly the tyrants of Saguache County surrendered. That evening Adam Kokesh was freed once more, with all charges dropped.

Kokesh himself provided a full update on the events surrounding his incarceration, protest, and release on the latest episode of his podcast Adam vs. The Man linked below.

The greater lesson that can be learned from this circumstance is that passive resistance works!

When you stand for the principles of truth, justice, Liberty, and non-aggression, undoubtedly the system which predicates itself on violence and oppression will push back against you. But if you stand firm on those principles and force the system to expose itself — it crumbles under the weight of its own corruption.

Kokesh’s latest act is a lesson for all to learn in the power of civil disobedience. It is how we change the system, by peacefully refusing to comply with absurdities and making them obsolete.

Adam’s release isn’t just a victory for him. It’s a glimmer of hope that if more people follow his example we can still change things for the better. It’s a win for supporters of liberty everywhere, because regardless of personal or ideological differences it exemplifies that if we all stand up against the system together, the people CAN win.