Five Current Scandals Ignored By The Mainstream Media



Don Via Jr | The Rundown Live

The American public remains, on a daily  basis, saturated in propaganda from the corporate media. At this point that is a given. However many may not realize the extent to which they are propagandized. The pervasive nature of the corporate media to not only twist facts, but blacklist them as well. Not only obscure the truth, but to often conceal it altogether by providing little to no coverage to major stories who’s gravity would designate them as national scandals.

We live in a time when this occurs more frequently than ever before. With so much deception it is the basic nature of cause and effect that there would also be an inundation of truth as those deceptions crumble. Accompanied by blatant obfuscation from the corporate media industrial complex working as a propaganda arm for US intel agencies, and corporate interests.

Even now at the time of this writing, the pseudo-scandals propagated by mainstream pundits that just last week occupied the public’s attention in an effort to divert from actual newsworthy information, have fallen to the wayside in favor of the next propped-up farce.

The fact that we have, right now, at least four major national / international scandals that are all either being blatantly ignored, obfuscated, or relegated to the mundane by our media complex is a travesty. More so, it is an outright dereliction. The ramifications of these revelations should be sending shock waves throughout the establishment but they’re hardly a blip on the radar.


It’s interesting that with as much mendacity as was regurgitated by corporate media in the four years of the last administration to to propagate thier narrative of the “Russian collusion” hoax. That now we hardly hear a peep from those same disingenuous outlets that the Durham probe has taken the place of the Mueller probe.

It’s almost as if they would rather the public not be aware that thus far three Clinton affiliates directly tied to the allegations of Russian collusion have been arrested and charged by the FBI.

In August of 2020, the FBI charged former attorney Kevin Clinesmith with altering  emails about former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. This falsification was relied upon by the Justice Department to renew applications for FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign affiliates. Clinesmith plead guilty, and received 12 months probation.

More recently, on September 16th, attorney Michael Sussmann of the law firm Perkins Coie, who represented the Clinton campaign, was indicted by a federal grand jury for lying to the FBI.

As reported by Aaron Maté —

“Although Sussmann faces just one count on a false statement charge, the 27-page charging document offers an expansive window into how the Russiagate scam began, and how Democratic operatives, intelligence officials, and establishment media figures dishonestly fed it to the public.”

When being interviewed by the FBI, Sussman concealed the fact that he was working on behalf of the Clinton campaign with fellow attorney Marc Elias to coordinate with private intelligence company Fusion GPS. In an effort to gather materials for the now-infamous Steele dossier, which was also admitted to be funded by the DNC.

The report goes on to note further efforts taken by Sussmann and others to fabricte the narrative of a connection between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa bank. As well as the complicity by the mainstream media which was all too eager to push the lie.

Part two of Maté’s report dives deeper into Sussmann’s role in the greater RussiaGate hoax.

An excerpt reads —

“But Sussmann’s alleged false statement to the FBI in September 2016 wasn’t all. Just months before, he helped generate an even more consequential Russia allegation that he also brought to the FBI. In April of that year, Sussmann hired CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm that publicly triggered the Russiagate saga by lodging the still unproven claim that Russia was behind the hack of Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks.”

The report goes on to establish the pivotal roles that CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS would play in manufacturing the false narratives key to the allegations.

“The FBI’s odd relationship with the two Democratic Party contractors gave Sussmann and Elias unprecedented influence over a high-stakes national security scandal that upended U.S. politics and ensnared their political opponents. By hiring CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS, the Perkins Coie lawyers helped define the Trump-Russia narrative and impact the flow of information to the highest reaches of U.S. intelligence agencies.”

Essentially, Sussmann had positioned himself to be the most critical influencer of information regarding Trump’s alleged affiliations with Russia. And he was doing it all on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

The scandal deepens even further as it is later disclosed through declassified testimony that even CrowdStrike itself admitted to not having strong evidence to substantiate the claims. As well as intelligence officials decision to gloss over this fact, and conflicting accounts of DNC server access.

Needless to say this conglomerate of corruption colluded to orchestrate arguably the biggest farce in US political history. And now its frontman has been caught red handed lying about it.

One final point of mention is that of the most recently indicted cohort in this escapade. Igor Danchenko, the primary source of information for the previously mentioned Steele Dossier. Whose arrest has been called nothing short of a seismic development.

Danchenko was arrested under federal indictment with charges of lying to the FBI. The implications of which are potentially massive.

As Aaron Maté tweeted —

“According to new Durham indictment, the Steele dossier is even more partisan & corrupt than previously known. We knew that Steele worked for Clinton campaign/DNC. Now we learn that not only did Dems fund Steele’s dossier, but dossier used a Democratic operative as a key source”

These developments are still ongoing, yet as Maté elaborates on The Jimmy Dore Show, there could be far reaching consequences throughout the Democratic establishment at large as the exposure of this perpetrated fraud further discredits them. And the depths to which operatives sunk to subvert a presidential election are revealed.

While of course all of this has received some media coverage, the important point to acknowledge is the stark contrast between the media’s fervent coverage of the the Mueller investigation; versus the completely disproportionate and lackadaisical reporting of the Durham investigation exposing the former to be largely a contrived subterfuge.



Our next scandal of note is one of monumental proportions. That in a sane society which actually sought to hold corruption to account would see legal action ripping his way through the Environmental Protection Agency.

Since July, The Intercept’s Sharon Lerner has been publishing reports of documents brought to her attention by whistleblower scientists from within the EPA’s New Chemicals Division. Exposing rampant flagrant corruption reaching to the highest levels of the agency.

In part one of the exposé, the documents provided by scientists demonstrate the willful malfeasance of senior officials. Exposing chemical safety assessments having been fraudulently manipulated for corporate profit. Altering reports and approving hazardous and oftentimes carcinogenic chemicals, even at over seven hundred times the typical safety standards. Allowing for exposure to the public which endangered millions of Americans.

An excerpt stated —

“The whistleblowers, whose jobs involve identifying the potential harms posed by new chemicals, provided The Intercept with detailed evidence of pressure within the agency to minimize or remove evidence of potential adverse effects of the chemicals, including neurological effects, birth defects, and cancer.”

Part two of the exposé revealed to what lengths senior officials would go to protect their nefarious activities. Leaked audio files and documents provided to The Intercept exemplified an inherently hostile work environment. The scientists who dared speak out against these practices and question the conflicts of interests of their superiors were intimidated into silence. Having their concerns ignored, careers threatened, reputations sullied, and in some cases removed from projects, or demoted all together.

Parts three and four continue to demonstrate just how far these corrupt practices went. Documents appear to show this kind of malfeasance to be standard operating procedure within the EPA. While worsened by the Trump Administration, they show hundreds of hazardous chemicals were granted approval throughout the previous two administrations and into Biden’s current term.

All while officials tirelessly worked to cover their own tracks and suppress the scientists that had filed complaints against them. The documents show the corruption goes to the very top. Even those in positions to specifically investigate complaints of misconduct immediately breached confidentiality to inform the officials that complaints had been filed against them.

By mid-october, the EPA had announced intentions to create two internal scientific advisory panels to improve the integrity of the division. Following the fall out of the whistleblower’s revelations, as further elaborated upon in part 5.

Part 6 of the series continues to exemplify the blatant treachery taking place within the EPA; With more agency scientists coming forward with statements and documents revealing the agency’s practice of downplaying or outright ignoring TSCA 8(e) reports. Which requires that EPA be immediately notified when substances or mixtures present a substantial risk of injury to health or the environment.

Stating in part —

“Since January 2019, the EPA has received at least 1,240 reports documenting the risk of chemicals’ serious harms, including eye corrosion, damage to the brain and nervous system, chronic toxicity to honeybees, and cancer in both people and animals.” …..

“Together it shows EPA cares more about industry and getting their products out than it does about protecting human health and the environment,”

Now ask yourself, have you heard even a single peep about this massive story from the mainstream media gatekeepers? We certainly haven’t.

The Rundown Live will continue to follow and provide updates on this series of reports.



Our third major scandal comes to us not just from whistleblowers and leaked documents. But from hidden camera footage provided by undercover investigators, of pharmaceutical and health industry insiders making shocking admissions.

Whistleblowers from both the Department of Health and Human Services, and Pfizer; as well as evidence collected by citizen journalists have come forward to Project Veritas with incredible revelations of ongoing corruption amid the push for mandatory covid-19 vaccinations.

Amidst the escapade of the jab fiasco, and all of the incredible revelations therein exposing the well packaged pack of lies fed to the public by a corporate media and ruling class subservient to the whims of the pharmaceutical industry — This short series of reports is but a drop in the bucket. But nevertheless imperative.

In part one of the explosive five part series, James O’Keefe interviews a whistleblower who has come forward from the Department of Health and Human Services to expose an ongoing cover up. The whistleblower, Jodi O’Malley, registered nurse with the HHS, provided video footage of colleagues at Indian Medical Center voicing their contempt and disapproval government policies, as well as efficacy of the vaccine itself.

Dr. Maria Gonzales, an ER physician with the US Department of Health and Human Services, can be seen in the video stating in frustrated fashion —

“All this is bullshit. Now, [a patient] probably [has] myocarditis due to the [COVID] vaccine. But now, they [government] are not going to blame the vaccine.”

“They [government] are not reporting [adverse COVID vaccine side effects]…They want to shove it under the mat.”

Part two of the series exhibited FDA economist Taylor Lee making a plethora of disturbing and racist statements. Advocating for using blow darts to forcibly vaccinate African Americans. As well as creating a registry of unvaccinated Americans “like in Nazi Germany”. Going so far as to say “think of it like the Jewish star”.

Statements such as these are absolutely disgusting and completely unacceptable for an official in a public health agency. However the real concern is, how many of his colleagues share the same sentiments?

Part three of the investigation featured admissions of a more damning variety. Two Johnson & Johnson employees – Regional business lead Brandon Schadt, and scientist Justin Durrant – were both recorded via a hidden camera outright admitting the inefficacy of the Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine.

Some of the statements made by the men fly in the face of the current narrative, while revealing the true motivations behind them.

Schadt made such statements as “kids shouldn’t get a f*cking covid vaccine” because of the unknown long term repercussions. And further expressions of contempt for childhood vaccine mandates. While his colleague Durrant also echoed those sentiments, while further admitting that the real reason for vaccine mandate policies is to punish and inconvenience those who choose not to take it as though they were secondary citizens until they comply. Essentially admitting the true motivation is obedience, not health.

Most astonishingly of all, Justin Durrant – who, keep in mind, is a scientist that works for Johnson & Johnson – directly told the reporter that they should not get the J & J vaccine. Admitting that he himself refused to get his own companies vaccine, instead opting to take the moderna jab.

Why would he not take his own companies vaccine and advise others to do the same?

While the fourth installment of the reports is more short, sweet, & to the point. It features three scientists; Nick Karl, Chris Croce, and Rahul Khandke – All whom work for Pfizer – all in their own words admit that natural immunity is likely more resistant than the vaccine. (Which multiple studies also continue to corroborate).

While Croce went a step further and boldly claimed that he “worked for an evil corporation” insinuating that their only incentive was profit.

The final installment of the series revealed an egregious cover-up with grave implications regarding the public’s right to informed consent.

Melissa Strickler, a manufacturing quality auditor at Pfizer’s McPherson, Kansas plant,  came forward as a whistleblower to Project Veritas. With incriminating emails exchanged between Pfizer’s Senior Director of Worldwide Research, Vanessa Gelman, and Philip Dormitzer, Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer. In which they conspired to deliberately deceive the public regarding the use of aborted fetal cell tissue in the manufacturing of Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccines.

This kind of deceit is an absolute violation of public trust with regard to informed consent, particularly with regard to religious exemption.

Strickler stated in an interview with James O’Keefe —

“I came to Project Veritas because I have no one else to turn to when my own company won’t be honest with me.”

Somewhat unsurprisingly, upon researching for this article it was found that this same Pfizer manufacturing plant, the McPherson Kansas facility, was issued a warning by the FDA in 2017 for contaminants in their products endangering the public.

According to Reuters

“The presence of the foreign matter is ‘unacceptable’ and suggests ‘a significant loss of control in your manufacturing process’ that represents a ‘severe risk of harm to patients,’ the FDA wrote.”

In a comical turn of events, following these revelations James O’Keefe attempted to follow up with two of the individuals implicated in the series of reporting to garner clarification upon their statements. Both of them refused to speak with reporters and fled the scene.

These are good examples of actual on-the-ground reporting. Confronting corruption and attempting to hold power to account. What real journalists strive to do. Yet when was the last time the mainstream media ever bothered to cover any of big stories that Project Veritas has reported, aside from when they publish a smear piece? Never.



In what is only an appropriate segway, our following major scandal, unsurprisingly at this point, also involves Pfizer. This time however on an international scale.

As reported by Common Dreams, “Pfizer has used its position as a producer of one of the leading Covid-19 vaccines to ‘silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk, and maximize profits’ through secret contracts with countries around the world, according to a Public Citizen report published Tuesday.”

What this report has revealed is that Pfizer is essentially acting as a multinational corporatist mafioso calling all the shots. Intimidating and shaking down the governments of smaller nations who are in desperate need of a vaccine supply. Concerns and discrepancies regarding covid-19 vaccinations aside, this behaviour should in no way shape or form be considered acceptable conduct by a pharmaceutical monopoly.

During the investigation Public Citizen acquired numerous contractual documents between Pfizer and several Latin American countries including Chile, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Columbia, and Peru. As well as with Albania, the European Commission, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Some of the terms and conditions within the contracts are downright shocking, and reek of corruption of the highest order.

Including but not limited to non-disclosure agreements which reserve the right to silence governments; waive sovereign immunity; grant Pfizer immunity from penalty for late deliveries; and widely indemnifies Pfizer for any civil claims brought against it. All of which were referred to as “unfair and abusive” terms by the Brazilian government.

The documents also show Pfizer demands to maintain control of vaccine supply after delivery. Meaning nations are banned from giving or receiving donations of the vaccines. They must be purchased from Pfizer. This can be seen as a practice of predatory profiteering on a completely new level when considering the implications.

Worse still, the contracts stipulate that upon waiving sovereign immunity Pfizer reserves the right to require governments open their assets to precautionary seizure. In other words, outright theft of taxpayer-funded assets should the secret courts which were also specifically put in place by these contracts to favor Pfizer, rule in their favor in the event of a dispute with the government’s that they’re strong-arming….

This is corporate corruption on a level unseen before. Even for Pfizer, which also happens to hold the record for having to pay the largest Health Care fraud settlement in history, this is a new low.

Even more concerning, many of the contracts released were redacted. Indicating that some of the yet unknown provisions could be even more iniquitous.

And as for the corporate media’s coverage of this scandal that encompasses several of the worlds nations? What should have caused an international incident and immediate investigation into Pfizer’s procurement and negotiation strategies, instead only received a lackadaisical article in The Washington Post. Which garnered almost no attention, and had left the publics interest within 24 hours.



Finally, a recounting of some of our worst current scandals would be remiss if we did not mention the disrepute Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As many may know by now, Fauci has already been in the news recently for the scandalous divulgence that he and his department oversaw the senseless torture and killing of hundreds of puppies in what amounts to cruel and unusual experimentation.

Stomach-turning as this maybe it is unfortunately not surprising given the US government’s decades-long history of dangerous and unethical experimentation, on both animals and unconsenting American citizens.

However this author feels that while this conduct is completely unacceptable and most certainly should have severe repercussions — this already fading ignominy likely served as a mere distraction.

In the same vein of dangerous and unethical experimentation; the true scandal that should be attributed to Dr. Anthony fauci is that a gain of function research. Research that took place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology under his direction and with funding from the American government.

While thankfully at the time of this writing the subject is garnering some mainstream attention, the mainstream media for the most part is still working to run cover for the establishment at large. With the exception of Fox News, who is despite their willingness to at least acknowledge some fault on behalf of the US government still in their own way spinning the subject matter into salacious propaganda on behalf of divisive partisan politics and the geopolitical interests of American imperialism.

A true objective analysis has yet to be had within mainstream discourse.

This has been a scandal that has been developing for quite some time, nearly a year or more since allegations of US funded gain-of-function research began to surface.

For those who may be unaware, gain-of-function research is defined as —

“Medical research that genetically alters an organism in a way that may enhance the biological functions of gene products. This may include an altered pathogenesis, transmissibility, or host range, i.e. the types of hosts that a microorganism can infect.”

In layman’s terms, the engineering of pathogens in which virulence, lethality and other such qualities are enhanced.

When questioned about these allegations in front of Congress by Senator Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci continuously denied that any sort of this type of research took place.

However recently that entire narrative crumbled. Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request confirm that Ecohealth Alliance, in coordination with Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the NIH, did in fact conduct gain-of-function research on bat-borne SARS-CoV type coronaviruses.

This was further corroborated when the National Institute of Health itself released a statement of confirmation in the month of October.

This is categorical proof that Anthony Fauci knowingly and willfully lied to Congress.

This is a federal crime.

Calls for Fauci’s resignation have increased in recent days, as he continues to deny and attempts to explain away any culpability he may have.

But beyond this are the revelations that Senator Paul still neglects to acknowledge.

The Intercept reports that emails show officials within the NIH collaborated with Ecohealth Alliance to evade restrictions on what was seen as dangerous coronavirus research related to gain-of-function.

Furthermore, this occurred AFTER previous proposals for research of the same kind were rejected by the Department of Defense in 2018.

The corporate media, and even these hearings in Congress, continue to engage in coverage which evades the true concern: we have been demonstrably lied to. Not only by our government, but by the media itself who spent months condemning any assertion of a potential lab leak as mere “conspiracy theory”.

With the broader implication being that we now must confront the plausibility that this disaster which has killed over a million and ruined the lives of millions more the world over; could in some capacity be the responsibility of the United States government. The ramifications of such an implication are almost unfathomable.

Given the opaque nature of everything covid related, and the fact that these scandalous disclosures are still very much on going. We have no indication of exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes. But if the mainstream media’s track record of lacking objectivity and transparency with regard to Coronavirus is anything to go on, we still have a long road to go until a clear picture of exactly what happened in Wuhan begins to materialize.

But as this report exemplifies, the existence of independent and alternative media is imperative to countering the deluge of deliberate misinformation, obfuscation, and propaganda that the corporate press continues to promulgate.