MSM Finally Admits COVID Deaths Overcounted, Just Like We Told You



The corporate mainstream media has finally admitted after three years that the official count for deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have been dramatically over counted in the United States. On January 13th CNN contributor Dr. Leana Wen published an op-ed for the Washington Post in which she expounded that understanding the distinction between hospitalizations “from” COVID versus hospitalizations “with” COVID is “crucial to putting the continuing toll of the coronavirus into perspective.”

That’s quite an interesting conclusion to come to in January of 2023 considering that many independent journalists as well as numerous esteemed medical experts have contended the exact same thing for the last three years. Only to be met with contempt, hostility, and ultimately censorship from the mainstream media as well as the big tech Social media conglomerates such as Twitter and Facebook, which we now know spent that time colluding with the federal government to suppress “true but inconvenient” information spread on their platforms.

But this isn’t new information by any stretch of the imagination. On the October 2nd, 2021 episode of The Rundown Live #767 beginning at the one hour, 40 minutes, and 43 second (1:40:43) mark of the broadcast, we began discussing recent reports indicating an overcount of deaths and hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19 which were in fact due to other causes. Specifically citing an episode of Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, titled Counting COVID. During which the results of an investigation was presented which found that several Colorado counties were over counting their COVID deaths, as attested to by coroners in the counties who happened upon medical data showing several individuals listed as having died from COVID whom actually died from other causes, including car accidents and shooting deaths.

But this isn’t the only case of this anomaly being reported. Over the course of the pandemic hysteria various credibly cited reports by independent media presented these same findings.

In July of 2021 The Free Thought project reported ‘Multiple counties now significantly lowering COVID death counts after reviewing actual cause of death’. Reporting that officials in Santa Clara County California reduced their official COVID death toll by 22% after a review of medical data found many individuals added to the count after dying from other causes. Just one month earlier TFTP reported that officials in Alameda County California also had to issue a correction to their total COVID death toll, as a review data found that 25% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 were actually not caused by the virus at all.

In March of 2021, similar findings were reported out of Monroe County, Illinois, after an examination of data by coroner Bob Hill yielded bombshell findings which led to calls for an audit of COVID deaths in the state.

Going as far back as mid 2020 it was reported by the CDC itself that only 6% of counted deaths for COVID-19 were solely from the virus itself. With a whopping 94% the result of the virus and other contributing comorbidities such as obesity, heart disease, or unrelated respiratory illnesses. Sparking the debate regarded inflated COVID-19 death statistics and the differentiation of dying from COVID versus with COVID.

In August of 2020 renowned researcher Gavin Nascimento published one of the most thorough and comprehensive presentations to date, Panic, Profit, and Power: Decoding The COVID-19 Conspiracy, analyzing empirical data challenging the official narrative of COVID-19. In it testimony is presented from numerous esteemed medical professionals as to how the death rates were being inflated even at the outset of the pandemic, beginning at the two hour and fifty four minute mark. (2:54:00)

From mask mandates, to lockdowns, to case statistics, the official narrative continues to crumble. And as the cracks in the narrative continue to widen this latest breach of the orthodoxy only continues to illustrate that those of us who questioned much of the insanity of the past three years were right all along. As the saying goes, “what’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? Only a matter of time”.

The question begs, how much time will it take for these liars and fraudsters to be held accountable for their crimes?