10 Terrifying Revelations from the Twitter Files That You Should Know



*Elon Musk: “To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”
*So Many Ex-FBI Employees Work at Twitter They Have a Secret Slack Channel to Onboard More Former Feds
*United States Tax Payer Dollars May Have Been Used to Entice Twitter to Censor It’s Own Citizens
*Biden Administrations Pressured Twitter Executives Sought to Censor Accounts Sharing “True but Inconvenient” Data About the COVID-19 Vaccines
*Twitter Execs Couldn’t Provide Any Evidence of Russian Misinformation Campaigns for the FBI


By Kristan T. Harris    Follow: Twitter             Dec 27, 2022 7:58 AM

In what is being described by some news outlets as the ‘decades biggest media scandal,’ government agencies colluded with Twitter to censor information even if it was factual. The corporate dinosaur media has been silent on what should be the story of the year in 2023. This may lead many to ask if the silent corporate mainstream media outlets are under that same type of pay for censorship rigging that Twitter was involved in. If the ratings are huge, why wouldn’t they report on it? As of 2 weeks ago NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC have allocated only 14 minutes of combined coverage of the ‘Twitter Files.’ If you have not been following the #twitterfiles, here is the top 10 frightening revelations so far released in majority by Journalist Matt Taibbi.

1. Elon Musk Claimed Almost All Conspiracies Surrounding Twitters Censorship and Government Relationships, Were True.

The anti-propaganda pop conspiracy culture that was championed by Alex Jones reached its prime in 2014 and maybe dwindling, but refuses to die when government and corporate based conspiracies keep coming true. Here is Elon Musk verifying that “almost every conspiracy theory” about Twitter was indeed true.

2. The FBI Paid Twitter So the Social Media Giant Could Process All of Their Requests. 

The government agencies paid Twitter 3.4 million dollars to cover the costs surrounding their requests. That money of course was provided by the proud taxpayers of America.


3. So Many Ex-FBI Employees Work at Twitter They Created a Secret Slack Channel to Onboard Additional Former Feds

The FBI essentially became moderators for Twitter having frequently scheduled meetings and provided names of prominently conservative voices who violated Twitters term and conditions. Experts argue that the FBI violated Americans 1st amendment Constitutional rights in doing so. The social media giant’s employees created secret blacklists and censored unfavored tweets. Twitter from the get go had an alarming number of former FBI agents working for them. So its no surprise that they secretly worked to onboard other former feds to the organization.



This is after Twitter misinformed the public in 2018 that the social media platform was not shadow banning conservative voices while creating secret blacklists.


4. Twitter Leadership Quested to Sanitize Twitter Accounts Aggregating “True but Inconvenient” Data About the COVID-19 Vaccines, Even Information Directly from the CDC.

During the great pandemic it seemed like many top health professionals and even a creator of the MRNA technology found their accounts deleted from twitter. Many warned against wearing masks, shutdowns and the dangers of a rushed vaccine using a poorly tested MRNA nano-tech solution.

5. Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign

During the Church Committee we learned about Operation Mockingbird and how the CIA infiltrated media outlets to write propaganda pieces for the government. Only a few years ago American Journalist Abby Martin blew the lid off of the CIA’s jaw dropping social media propaganda campaign using virtual influencers to social engineer Americans. Now, Investigative Journalist, Lee Fang has released a deep dive into the Twitter Files and the blind eye it turned to the Pentagon’s covert online psy-op campaign using virtual influencers to sway foreign opinion using social media.


6. Twitter Execs Were Pressured to Locate Information About Russian Misinformation Campaigns But Couldn’t Provide Any Evidence to Such Assertions 

As the attacks on 9/11 were used by the United States Government to Prey on Americans fear, enticing them to give up their 4th amendment right under the Patriot Act, the far-left Russian collusion narrative was used to pressure twitter to clamp down on misinformation from foreign governments. Even when twitter repeatedly denied any foreign influence the federal government pressed the issue.



7. Twitter Interfered in the 2020 Election by Censoring the Hunter Biden laptop Story.

Call it rigging, call it damage control, nonetheless Twitter knowingly censored information that may have had a serious impact on the 2020 election. Hunter Biden’s laptop contained damaging images and videos. He made adult sex tapes, uploaded them to popular sites and even texted links of the videos to a contact in his phone titled, dad. Meaning he sent his home made video links to President Joe Biden.


8. The Government is not in Contact just with Twitter, but Every Major Social Media Platform

Twitter is not the only social media network infiltrated by government agencies. Facebook, Twitter, and just about every influential social media platform out there. The Church committee senate hearings in the 1970’s exposed how the CIA had agents at all levels of media distributing misinformation campaigns. Today this still continues, but with A.I. deep fakes while government agencies accuse the general public of spreading misinformation.

9. The Government is Creating and Using Deep Fake Images and Virtual Influencers to Spread its Propaganda

We knew it was a matter of time before a computer A.I. generated deep fake would be used politically to generate fake news outlets and propagate false information. Now we have confirmation that the United States agencies use computer generated deep fakes to create virtual influencers to social engineer foreign social media.


10. Twitter Trust And Safety Team Found Trump Tweets Did Not Violate Policy, Deleted Account Anyway

The Twitter staff believed Trump did not violate any of their policies. Another interesting fact, there is no evidence that the Trump administration ever made any moderation requests to Twitter to censor anyone.


“I think we’d have a hard time saying this is incitement,” wrote one staffer in an internal message, adding: “It’s pretty clear he’s saying the ‘American Patriots’ are the ones who voted for him and not the terrorists (we can call them that, right?)…”

Another staffer agreed, writing: “Don’t see the incitement angle here.

“I also am not seeing clear or coded incitement in the DJT tweet,” wrote Anika Navaroli, a Twitter policy official. “I’ll respond in the elections channel and say that our team has assessed and found no vios”—or violations—“for the DJT one.”

Read the entire thread below:


3. 7:44 am: “To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.”

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