Healthcare Workers & Locals Protest Mandatory Jabbbs at Kenosha Medical Center



Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

KENOSHA, WI (TRL) – A Hundred plus healthcare workers and locals gathered in front of Aurora Medical Center to protest mandatory jabbbs for Covid-19 in the work place. The protesters held signs which proclaimed statements such as. “Nurses 4 Medical Choice” and “We Protected You Now Help Protect Us, Stop the Mandate.”

I asked one individual dressed in healthcare attire why they’re here and she told me “even flu shots are optional,” and asked, “why mandate the vaccine after its been proven at preventing transmission?”

Gabe Nudo, who was most recently elected to represent the 12th District on the County Board, told the Rundown Live on video why he was at the protest:

“What brings me out here is pretty much to stand with people. That they’re standing not against the vaccine, but for freedom of choice. Everyone should be able to choose if they take it or not, especially because I think it is still in the experimental stage.”

A recent protest by Healthcare workers in Madison, Wisconsin brought out over 300 people to support the pro-choice effort.

In recent Covid headlines, Americans with a PHD are least likely to get the jabbb according to a survey reported by the UK Daily Mail.

CDC Woes Continue…

In Florida, the CDC was caught inflating numbers and as a result lead to a string of fake news reports by the mainstream media reporting record breaking cases in the state. The CDC removed almost half of the total numbers but the Fake news was already in the headlines. The CDC admitted to “overcounting.” The misleading part however is, that totals were not overcounted, they consolidated three days of totals into two days.

The Department of Homeland Security seems to label anyone who disagrees with the current administration as a domestic terrorist and has been weaponized by the current administration to target political enemies according to NBC news.

We say listen to medical professionals about Covid-19 measures, but are we listening to all of them?

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