Hundreds of Healthcare Workers Protest Mandatory Jabbbs in Madison



Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

MADISON, Wis. (TRL) –Hundreds of Wisconsinites took part in the Healthcare Workers for Freedom protest in Madison on Tuesday. The march was in opposition of experimental and FDA unapproved mandatory jabs in the workplace.

The protesters marched around the Madison State Capitol building holding signs touting “last years heroes, this years zeroes” and “If there is risk, there must be a choice.”

Local news CBS 58 downplayed the event suggesting only dozens showed up, but by the video the number was more in the 300-400 range.

The MC of the event announced that the nations largest annual musical festival Summerfest is moving forward and requiring proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid test in order to enter the event the crowd responded by chanting “boycott Summerfest.”

One livestream viewer commented “I guess I won’t be going to Summerfest if they’re going to “force” Americans like myself to get a “vaccine.”

As the C-19 jab is showing ineffective at preventing the spread and allowing transmission of the virus many healthcare workers are asking why mandate it now?

One healthcare worker told the Rundown Live, “Why are they making it mandatory now? The strain has evolved and the old jab has proved ineffective at preventing transmission.”

Another healthcare worker who asked to stay anonymous claimed, “I administer vaccines everyday, I believe in them, but this is different. People should have a choice.”

The event speakers ranged from medical professionals to podcasters touting 500,000 reported side effects and over 10,000 correlated deaths according to the VAERS report. However, those numbers are disputed by some fact checkers.

In a document, an anonymous insider claimed, “On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS.” Which seems to be where protesters are getting those unsubstantiated numbers from.

Some conservative websites who vehemently watch the VAERS numbers cry fowl play as deaths have allegedly been removed and added without explanation why.

We tell Americans to listen to healthcare professionals, but are we listening to all of them?



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