THERUNDOWNLIVE is an Alternative News & Talk Radio website, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Founded by Mike Paczesny, in April 2013. Mike is dedicated to the anti-war effort, exposing 9/11 truth and government corruption, along with promoting anarchist philosophy, non aggression principle, cop watching, consciousness, communication, and how to get involved in the community. He has been featured in, Guardian, Infowars, Adam vs The Man, and many other platforms, Mike is also the host, webmaster, and editor for

Kristan Harris joined the operation in the infancy of the broadcast, episode #34, as a former libertarian-leaning member of the Republican Party. Harris is a researcher of politics, secret societies, ancient history, esoteric books, conspiracies, government cronyism and giant human skeletons around the United States. Kristan was the co-host and lead writer. His work can now be found at

Covering news and conspiracy that your local news won’t and having some of the most liberty minded guests around. (John B. Wells, Ben Swann, Tom Woods, Barry Goldwater Jr, LA Marzulli…among many others) Authors, musicians, activists, film-makers, have all been guests and we are always scheduling your favorites.

Topics usually include liberty, police state, corruption, philosophy, technology, conspiracy, globalism, global elite, technocracy, Orwellian nightmare, voter fraud, human rights, politics, secret societies, Illuminati, ancient history, alternative history,drones, giants, vaccines, United Nations, Agenda 21, gun control, cop watching, space, science, demons, aliens, nephilim, new age, religion, Christianity, Jesus, satanism, occult, Lucifer, pyramids, GMOs, Monsanto, fluoride, military industrial complex, federal reserve, prison industry, lobby groups, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg group and countless other topics.

In 2014, The Rundown Live partnered with Waking Up Wisconsin to form a physical magazine that can be found locally in the Milwaukee area on online in PDF form by visiting WakingUpWisconsin , As of 2016, The physical magazine has been discontinued but the WUW group is still available for contact on Facebook.

In Late December of 2014, The Rundown Live announced a partnership with a new network, Truth Frequency Radio, the new home for the show! 90.7FM in Denver, Colorado.

In March 2016, The Rundown Live Radio Show/Podcast is on an official hiatus, the site will remain updated with the latest alternative news. Kristan T. Harris launched his own site featuring his work.