You Are NOT Alone!


Had to read this one because I had just written it. Full text below.



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#NotAlone #BennyWills #JoyCamp

Run run away with me
Sing sing and dance with me
Hug unplug and walk with me
Laugh and prance and play with me

Hold hold hold onto me
Caress undress and cuddle me
Jump and shout and howl with me
Cry get high and die with me

Let’s leave let’s flee let’s fly from here
Let’s go let’s get away from here
Let’s live and give and thrive from here
Let’s be carefree and free from here

Let’s rebel let’s excel
Let’s leave it all behind us
Let’s be well and bid farewell
To the paradigms that bind us

Hold me hold me in your arms
Gently pull me to your chest
Calmly calm my weary bones
Rest me soft upon your breast

Tell me I don’t have to pay
Tell me goodness finds a way
Tell me kindness has its day
Tell me all of it will be OK

Take take take my hand
Let’s leave it all behind
Arm in arm we’ll disappear
Beyond the boundaries of time
And crime
And suffering
Cruel rules
And people slumbering
Insane foes
And forms of governing

Let’s run and run and run and run
Outrun our own existence and exit with the sun

Free me from the evil
Free me from the pain
Relieve me of the shackles
Relieve me of the chains

Let’s go let’s go let’s get away
Go forth posthaste with no delay

If you slow down I’ll carry you
If you fall down I’ll stay with you
If you lie down I’ll lie with you
If you bow out I’ll bow with you

Just stay with me
Stray with me
Sashay with me
And sway with me

Never say goodbye to me
Never ever say goodbye to me
Never ever whatsoever ever say goodbye to me

Don’t run don’t flee don’t fly from here
Don’t go don’t get away from here
Let’s stay and change this place
Harmonize reorganize and change this place
Align divine within ourselves
Shift uplift and free ourselves

I can do it, I’ll go through it
Just not alone
I can take it, I can make it, I can fake it
Just not alone
I can meet it, I can beat it, I can defeat it
Just not alone
I can celebrate it, I can elevate it, I can accelerate it
Just not alone

Not alone
Not alone
You are not alone

Do me a favor to always remember that now and forever whatever
whenever that

You are not alone