WATCH LIVE NOW: The Rundown Live #802 – Fact Checking, Disney AR World, Senate Bill Vaccine Pass



On this edition of the Rundown Live. Fact Checking: Supreme Court Claims/AP:

– Claimed covid deaths are at an all time high
– Claimed that Omicron has been deadlier than Delta
– Claimed 100K children are hospitalized with covid
– Said OSHA’s regulatory authority is a federal “police power.”
– Associated Press Claims No evidence of Mass Psychosis although growing evidence suggesting otherwise

Other Headlines Today
– Elon Musk’s Telepathic Brain Chip ‘Neuralink’ Could See First Human Implant This Year
– Humans could ‘erase’ unhappy memories with ground-breaking new neurotechnology
– LA Times Columnist Says Mocking Anti-Vaxxers Deaths is “Necessary”
– Project Veritas releases military documents that contradict Fauci’s sworn testimony on gain of function research
– What Happened to Global Warming? Coldest air of the season to send Midwest, Northeast into deep freeze
– Cows given VR headsets to reduce anxiety, increase milk
– Patent Granted For Disney’s “Virtual World Simulator,” AR Technology Without Glasses, Goggles, or Smartphones
– Huge prehistoric ‘sea dragon’ fossil discovered in U.K. reservoir
– Why was there less lightning during COVID lockdowns?
– Wild 2022 Trends coming your way
– Starving children ‘as young as NINE forced to give UN officials oral $ecs to get food’
– Rep. Ro Khanna wants to hold social media platforms accountable on climate “misinformation”