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On this edition of the Rundown Live Chairman of the Transhumanist Party , Gennady Storyalov joins us to talk futurism, transhumanism, cyborgs, brain chip interface, brain cloud Interface, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, drones weather modification and so much more!

Gennady Stolyarov II (born c. 1987) is a Belarusian-American libertarian and transhumanist writer, actuary, and civil servant known for his book Death is Wrong. Stolyarov also leads two transhumanist political parties.

In his children’s book, Death is Wrong, he argues that death is an enemy[7] and encourages readers to help overcome it using technology. In an article on transhumanism’s attempts to overcome mortality, James Moore of the Huffington Post provided a discussion of Stolyarov’s motivation in writing Death is Wrong: “Why not believe this is possible, Stolyarov asks, because the first part of accomplishing immortality is to believe it is possible and dying is not required. Teach that to the young and the world will change. Death, he insists, is wrong.”