Vegas Sighting Most Likely Meteor Top UAP Video Analyst Says


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Las Vegas, Nevada — The mainstream media is aggregating a viral video clip that claims 8-10 feet tall aliens landed in the backyard of a Vegas resident who called 911. The phone call to authorities came one hour after police recorded the incident on bodycam. The Vegas resident is one of several calls received by local authorities from several states after a bright green light was seen traveling across the sky and crashing in Las Vegas. Authorities released bodycam footage of the alleged UAP falling from the sky. Law enforcement claimed there was no evidence of a landing or aliens at the scene of the witnesses home who reported the alleged sighting.

Marc D’antonio is a top astronomer and video analyst for MUFON network, the largest database of UFO phenomenon that’s publicly known has come out calling the event a hoax on Facebook, posting a comment on popular paranormal radio host, Jimmy Church’s page.

“There was an actual event, a meteor that was green and fell that night yes. Green meteors are common and are made of iron and nickel. But then an hour later the call came in and they didn’t sound too excited. When police arrived they found nothing in the yard at all. No evidence.

I cautiously call this a hoax, conflated with a meteor fall that night.”

Some media outlets have blacked out footage of the alleged crash site saying its on private property and therefore, they can not show it to the public. Imagine the popular TV show COPs or the George Floyd protest coverage showing just a black screen because they recorded video on private property? It may also be possible the locals who reported the aliens were listening into the police scanner discussing the situation since these conversations are available publicly.