Twitter Suspends Account Providing Updates Of Ghislaine Maxwell Trial


* Twitter has suspended one of the most prominent accounts providing updates regarding the ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Don via Jr. | The Rundown Live

On the morning of Wednesday, December 8th, in what is seemingly yet another brazen act of censorship, Twitter has suspended the account Trial Tracker. A Twitter account dedicated to following and providing up-to-date factual information of the on goings of the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell currently taking place in New York City.

The suspension has fueled outcry from many and accusations of the platform impeding on the public’s right to know. As  the Trial Tracker account had previously published several photographs of prominent individuals associating with notorious pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The pages owner has provided an update noting a response from Twitter. Claiming the reason for the suspension was due to violating community standards regarding spam.

However many view this as merely a convenient excuse, accusing the platform of attempting to protect powerful elites allegedly connected to the sex trafficking ring. Behind The Headlines reporter and contributor to Mintpress News, Dan Cohen, voiced similar concerns. After having predicted the account would have been suspended just 16 hours prior.

This turn of events comes just over a week after many had voiced concerns of possible acts of censorship and attacks against free speech committed by Twitter following the resignation of former CEO Jack Dorsey, and appointment of newly named CEO Parag Agrawal. Who upon his appointment came under fire by many free speech advocates for previous statements made in which he stated the company should “not be bound by the First Amendment”.

Shortly after his appointment, Agrawal issued an update to Twitter’s terms of service and community guidelines, which prohibited the sharing of images of private individuals without their consent. This change in policy was immediately accused as being a clever form of narrative control under the guise of “protecting privacy”.

Since the suspension of their Twitter account, the Maxwell Trial Tracker has continued to provide concise updates on their Instagram page.