Trump Has A Problem Criticizing People Who Say Nice Things About Him


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It took two days for President Trump to specifically condemn the white supremacists responsible for the violence in Charlottesville last weekend, and that left some people wondering if it’s because some of these fringe groups have supported him. After all, he’s been surprisingly honest about his inability to criticize people who’ve been nice to him.

In 2011, he told Sean Hannity: “I have such a problem. Everyone’s said such nice things,” referring to potential competitors as he contemplated a 2012 presidential run. Trump went on to explain that he has a difficult time speaking ill of people who have complimented him. “They’re all saying these nice things about me, I have a hard time.”

Throughout his career, Trump has praised everyone from Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton to Kanye West and Vladimir Putin… as long as they were willing to say “nice things” about him, too. Here are a few examples illustrating a man who likes to be liked.

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