Three Tips for 2020


Stossel shares three things he learned in 2019: easy popcorn, better texting, and soft butter.
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Tip #1: Easy Popcorn

“Do you love popcorn?” Exclaims an advertisement for microwaveable popcorn.

Stossel says that those prepackaged things “seemed like a big improvement over putting the raw kernels into a pot, and adding the right amount of oil, then shaking it and so forth.”

“But,” he continues, “[those] are kind of expensive, and sometimes the popcorn smelled bad.”

Stossel also tried popcorn making contraptions, but they were expensive and had to be cleaned.

Then he learned: “we don’t have to do any of that! All you have to do is take the raw kernels, put about a quarter-cup of them into a paper bag … And then, stick it all in the microwave.”

Once the popping slows, “take out the bag … there you go, beautiful fresh popcorn.”

Tip #2: Better Texting

“Do you have an iPhone?” Asks Stossel.

If “you get annoyed when you can’t get the cursor in the right place … there’s an easy solution.” Press and hold down the spacebar. Then can drag the cursor wherever you want. This saves lots of time.

When John showed this tip to people they were very happy.
“Oh, s**t. I didn’t know that!” said one person.

Tip #3: Soft Butter

Butter right from the refrigerator is hard to spread. So why put it in the refrigerator?

“It turns out, butter is perfectly safe left out of the refrigerator.” says Stossel

Even though butter is dairy, and we don’t leave milk out of the refrigerator, the USDA says , “butter and margarine are safe at room temperature.”

The way butter is made and the salt inside keeps it from becoming harmful.

“But there are limits,” explains Stossel, “You shouldn’t leave it on the counter for more than a few days, and it’s best to keep it covered.”

“But that done, you get great soft butter. The only downside is that I eat much more of it this way.”

Stossel concludes: “Quick popcorn, easy to spread butter, and better texting. Three consumer tips for 2019. Happy New Year!”