The Rundown Live – The Return #607, DNA, Genome, Trump Whistleblower Outed, The View


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Headlines: Instagram influencer, 22, claims learning about WWII would hit millennials’ mental health, Theatres will BAN the phrase ‘ladies and gentlemen’ under new guildelines from actors’ union Equity, “We’re Firing Trillion Watt Lasers into the Sky”: Top Scientist Admits to Weather Modification on CBS, An artificial retina that could help restore sight to the blind, Midshipmen Establish Study Group for Satanic Temple Beliefs at US Naval Academy, Microsoft tested a 4-day work week. Productivity jumped 40%, All children to receive whole genome sequencing at birth, under ambitions laid out by Matt Hancock,“THERE’S A REAL CONCERN FOR THIS GUY’S SAFETY”: NEWS OUTLETS GRAPPLE WITH UNMASKING THE WHISTLE-BLOWER,Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by digging into accounts of kingdom critics,If You Want a Robot to Learn Better, Be a Jerk to It, Uber self-driving car involved in fatal crash couldn’t detect jaywalkers,Your DNA Profile is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise

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