The Rundown Live #917 – The Purge, 10k Robots a Year, A.I. to Rewrite Code

Wednesday the Rundown Live returns to the airwaves to bring your forecast into the future. Live broadcasts will be on social media and KGRA video, however a radio broadcast will air on KGRAdb after Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. M-Th. We have a new time slot we will be live at so now you can catch us on Facebook, Rumble, Rokfin and Banned Dot Video. Tonight Your Forcast into the future, the plan to put 10,000 robots a year on the streets, Weird man in mask wants a purge like movie, A.I. to re-write its own code and escape human control, 14,300-Year-Old Tree Reveals Apocalyptic Warning for Today’s Humans, China develops brain chip that lets monkeys control robotic arm with their MINDS, Liquid Computer Made From DNA Comprises Billions of Circuits and more!