The Rundown Live #819 – Kristin Buckbee, Defeat the Mandates, Peoples Convoy, Canada Martial Law



Today, on the Rundown Live: Kristen Buckbee is an activism and protest organizer from New York, who works monitoring and analyzing potential threats to the medical Freedom movements. She works in an advisory role with organizers and groups nationwide including with Children’s Health Defense and Defeat The Mandates DC.

 Justin Trudeau autographed a Neo-Nazi flag in 2017

Matthew Perry Says He Beat Up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the 5th Grade

 Hillary Clinton is a distant relative of many prominent Quebecers, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

 CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for those aged 18-49

 Trudeau Channels Hillary Clinton – Pay to Play? The Trudeau Foundation

 Rittenhouse Announces Intention to Sue Leftwing Media Personalities and Outlets Who Repeatedly Lied About Him