THUR WATCH LIVE: The Rundown Live #814 – Canadian Rebellion, Ukraine Nuclear War, Artificial Wombs


Canada Rebellion Reaches New Level ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters who block streets could be ‘arrested without a warrant,’ Ottawa police warn

Blockade grows at bridge and Ottawa airport as US warns of Super Bowl copycat

DHS bulletin warns trucker convoy could disrupt Super Bowl Sunday

A school in DC forced kindergarteners to march around with BLM signs and chant “Black Lives Matter”

Canadian Government Ban’s Honking Arrests Citizens with Gas

Justin Trudeau disgracefully resurfaces

Contracted Tow Trucks Refuse to Remove ‘Freedom Convoy’

Constitutional lawyers warn Ottawa Police to leave convoy protesters alone

International Group Of Attorneys Proceed With Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Grand Jury

Eighth graders are given assignment to use pizza toppings as metaphors for SEX ACTS

NPR Declares Using Wrong Colour Emojis is Probably RACIST

Scientists in China have created a robotic artificial intelligence system to monitor and care for human embryos growing in artificial wombs.

End of Covid lock downs in sight as NY Reporter Arrested for Filming Prochoice Vaccine demonstration