The Red Tape Pandemic


Regulations have delayed test kits, “telehealth”, and hospital innovation, making the coronavirus pandemic worse. They set America back months in responding.

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If our government had instead allowed private test-makers to sell them from the start, the U.S. could have controlled COVID-19 without lockdowns, the way South Korea did, by testing lots of people, and isolating just the sick.

South Korea’s cases leveled off, while America’s continue to rise.

The Trump administration has now finally waived the testing regulations, saying: just do it! Ask permission later.

It turns out many regulations got in the way of fighting the virus.

American rules limited:

— “Telehealth” that allows people to talk remotely with doctors, saving patients a visit that might make them sick.
— Licensed doctors from practicing in other states.
— Hospitals from having more than a certain number of beds.

Now those rules are mostly waived. Let’s keep it that way!

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