The Mystery Behind Jupiter’s Powerful Auroras


Jupiter has the most powerful auroras in our solar system. However, when scientists looked closer, they didn’t find what they expected.

These Satellite Dishes Can See Electrons 100 km Away –

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Jupiter’s Auroras Present a Powerful Mystery
“Scientists on NASA’s Juno mission have observed massive amounts of energy swirling over Jupiter’s polar regions that contribute to the giant planet’s powerful auroras – only not in ways the researchers expected.”

Wild Stratospheric Balloon Ride Shows No Link Between Auroras and Radiation Flux
“An incredible flight in March 2017 set out to see if there is any correlation between auroras over Fairbanks, Alaska, and radiation flux in the stratosphere. While the team behind the autonomous stratospheric balloon ride couldn’t establish a link, they came away from the experience with plenty of stories to tell – a lost balloon, an airplane search, and a six-mile, one-way hike to rescue their data.”

NASA Captures ‘Spectacular’ Views of Auroras on Uranus
“Bright auroras light up the planet’s atmosphere in two newly released photos, which combine observations by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the agency’s Voyager 2 probe. (Voyager 2 flew by Uranus in 1986 as part of a “grand tour” of the solar system’s outer planets that the spacecraft performed with its twin, Voyager 1.)”


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