The Climate Hustle


We hear “the planet is on fire!” Climate change will lead to “collapse of our civilization!”

It’s unpopular to question that narrative, but founder Marc Morano does anyway.
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People try to shut Morano up. When he tried to speak at Georgetown University to question climate change narratives, students honked horns to drown him out.

“They can’t handle dissent,” Morano tells me. He blames that on indoctrination that starts in grammar school.

“It’s an indoctrination that’s so complete that by the time they get to high school, they’re not even aware that there’s any scientific dissent,” he says.

Morano has a new movie, Climate Hustle 2, that includes important facts that we all should hear.

It includes Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer saying, “if we would do more on climate change, we’d have fewer of these hurricanes,” when that’s simply not true, as Morano points out in his movie, citing congressional testimony.

In the video above, Morano takes on more climate myths — from tornados to sea levels. And I push back on his movie’s claim that “stopping climate change is not about saving the planet … it’s about Climate elites trying to convince us to accept a future where they call all the shots.”