Special Agent Kelly McGuire Transcript: Evidence Collected at Epstein’s Manhattan Home


• The Rundown Live Acquires Kelly McGuire transcript Detailing Raid on Epstein’s New York Residence

• FBI Special Agent Kelly McGuire was the search team leader of the FBI’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force which raided the upper east side Manhattan townhouse of Jeffrey Epstein in July of 2019.

• McGuire Legally Could Not Collect Items from Epstein’s Safe Leaving Behind Hard Drives and Binders of CD’s. When She Returned With Proper Warrant Items Where No Longer There.

• Special Agent McGuire Testified to the Nature of the Raid and the Subsequent Evidence Obtained as it Relates to Epstein’s Relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Don Via Jr | The Rundown Live

On the evening of July 6th & 7th, 2019, the FBI’s C20 Unit, the Child Exploitation And Human Trafficking Task Force, executed a search warrant on the residence of No. 9 East 71st Street, Manhattan, New York. The townhouse of infamous financier, convicted pedophile, and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

On Monday, December 6th, 2021, FBI Special Agent Kelly McGuire took the stand amidst the trial of Epstein’s close associate Ghislaine Maxwell to discuss evidence obtained during the raid and how it relates to the charges now facing Ms. Maxwell.

When questioned by Assistant US Attorney Allison Moe, Special Agent McGuire provided details as to the nature of the raid, the layout of the residence, and the evidence obtained. Including materials seized from Mr. Epstein’s personal safe, which was opened by the task force during the raid using a circular saw.

Several photographs documenting the close relationship between Epstein & Maxwell were retrieved, other photographs were taken by the FBI search team detailing specific areas of the home including the massage room. Some of which were presented to the court. Other pieces of evidence include photographs taken by the FBI of several black binders found in a closet containing multiple CDs.

Special Agent MaGuire would testify that on the day of the initial search, the search team only had the legal authority to seize some of the binders containing CDs, and not others. The team returned on July 11th with a new search warrant granting them the authority to seize all of the materials. Upon which time they were discovered to be missing, and soon thereafter were returned to the agents via Mr. Epstein’s legal counsel.

She also testified to the existence of plastic bins containing several boxed hard drives, some of which were labeled with evidence tape not placed by the FBI search team. When questioned by AUSA Moe as to whether or not the search team placed the evidence tape on the boxes, Special Agent McGuire replied —

“We found them with evidence tape. We did not place that there.”

“Q. As you sit here today, do you have personal knowledge of why there was evidence tape on these boxes?

A. No, I don’t.

Q. Were these drives seized during the course of the search?

A. Yes, they were.”

Soon thereafter, Special Agent McGuire was cross-examined by defense attorney Everdell. She testified to the process by which the CDs in question were seized, categorized, and examined by the FBI.


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