Revisiting Camelot: JFK 60 Years On


(TFTP) This year marks the 60th anniversary of the assassination of the 35th president of the United States, Jonathan Fitzgerald Kennedy. Known colloquially as JFK, or affectionately as Jack to his peers.

As the official narrative goes, on November 22nd, 1963 John F Kennedy sat in the back of a top down Lincoln Continental limousine, adjacent from his wife Jackie and Texas governor John Connolly and his wife Nellie, as his motorcade drove through Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza. At approximately 12:30pm Central standard time ex-Marine Corps veteran and defector Lee Harvey Oswald took aim from his position in the Dallas school book depository and opened fire on the motorcade. Firing three times, hitting Kennedy in the head at least once, mortally wounding him. As the motorcade sped to safety Kennedy was eventually rushed to the nearby Parkland hospital where he would later succumb to his injuries. 

Just two days later the suspected assassin Oswald would be gunned down whilst in Dallas police custody by nightclub owner Jack Ruby. The aftermath of the killing prompting the incumbent president Lyndon B Johnson to appoint a committee to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy, headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. After nearly a year the Warren Commission, as it was known, concluded their investigation. Presenting their findings to President Johnson on September 24th 1964, concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in his assassination of President Kennedy.

Thus begins one of the most intriguing sagas in American history. For all it’s worth the Kennedy assassination and those key events and figures tied to it have since been encapsulated in American mythos for over half a century, fueled by speculation and unanswered questions that have given rise to just as many conspiracy theories as it has pop culture references.

In the six decades since Kennedy’s death, after numerous investigations and a plethora of declassified documents being released, what have we actually learned about the death of the president?

Even in the early days of his administration, Kennedys Camelot was steeped in controversy.

Notwithstanding the romanticization of the Kennedy administration painted primarily by his wife Jackie following his tragic demise it doesn’t take away from the fact that in 1960s America Jack Kennedy was just another political figure vying for power during this tumultuous time, not unlike Nixon or the rest, and while popular not overly so as his later mythos would portray. Evidenced by the fact that he won the 1960 presidential election by the slimmest of margins, winning 34,227,096 popular votes compared to Richard Nixon’s 34,107,646.

A feat which in and of itself is questionable. According to legendary award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, Kennedys election could not have been assured without the help of organized crime guaranteeing his victory in key swing states, primarily relying on the help of infamous Chicago mafioso Sam Giancana.

He was a man not without his faults, known for being a serial womanizer who’s conga line of concubines were as numerable as the conspiracies surrounding him. From Hollywood starlets including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Marlena Dietrich, to strippers, call girls, and prostitutes, JFK was not the wholesome family man many have been led to believe. 

Still, contrary to the official version of events, for its numerous glaring irregularities the Kennedy assassination has been marred in mystery. Prompting many to wonder what truly happened on that fateful day. 

As the years have turned to decades many a theory have been concocted as a possible explainer to that burning question. With some speculating that rather than the crazed actions of a lone gunman the murder of Kennedy was actually the result of a carefully organized and orchestrated conspiracy within our own government to remove him from power.

But what does the evidence actually show?

First and foremost despite the fact that such assertions have been deemed baseless by the mainstream media and government officials it is pertinent to point out that the popularization of the term “conspiracy theorist” as a means of discrediting those who question official narratives was itself a direct result of the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination.

A CIA document declassified in June of 1993, originally published on April 1st 1967, known as dispatch #1035-960: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report utilized the term conspiracy theorist in reference to those critical of the findings of the Warren Commission, and laid out specific instructions as to how propaganda assets of the CIA embedded within the media should go about discrediting these criticisms.

Header of Dispatch #1035-960 — Source: Archive; public domain

One could certainly make the argument that the government’s motivation for this is merely to maintain the integrity of the Warren Commission report after it’s strenuous investigation, considering that the dispatch was released in April of 1967, a full two and a half years after the publication of the final Warren Commission report in September of 1964. However further research reveals that the government was determined to propagate the lone gunman theory from the very beginning. 

More recently declassified documents show that within mere days of Kennedys death high-ranking officials desired to paint Oswald as the sole perpetrator. Particularly Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Both of whom published memos on around November 24th/ 25th urging that the public must be convinced that Oswald was the lone assassin

Many have pointed to this as evidence of the early foundations of a cover up. Considering that this narrative was already being established as fact by U.S. officials, even before the Warren Commission had ever been established via President Johnson’s executive order on November 29th 1963, much less before the finalization of their investigation a year later. There is no conceivable way that Hoover, Katzenbach, or anyone else could have known for certain that Oswald did in fact act alone.

Indeed, despite their attempts at controlling the narrative the idea that Oswald was a patsy in a larger conspiracy, as he himself claimed, has persisted, though at times have also been weaponized. Attempts in recent years by mainstream media pundits to resurrect the notion that Russia was actually responsible for the president’s death flies in the face of evidence. Declassified documents illustrate that the reaction of Soviet leaders following the death of Kennedy was one of genuine surprise, and concern among communist leaders that they may be falsely blamed for the death of the president, potentially leading to an escalation of broader conflict between the US and the Soviets.

Even Kennedy’s adversaries were not convinced of the lone gunman hypothesis. Including Fidel Castro who outright rejects the idea that Oswald is the culprit who killed Kennedy.

The documents show that the head of the Soviet KGB at the time, Colonel Boris Ivanov, believed the death of Kennedy was in fact orchestrated from within the American government. 

“Ivanov stated that it was his personal feeling that the assassination of President Kennedy had been planned by an organized group rather than being the act of one individual assassin.”

To this day the assertion that there was a conspiracy within the American government to kill John F Kennedy is not only a mainstay in the minds of the majority of the American people who have become dissatisfied with the official explanation, but also among prominent individuals of the American political class. 

In April of this year former Republican representative from Texas and three time presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul made an appearance on the TimcastIRL podcast during which he stated matter-of-factly that the death of Kennedy was carried out by the CIA in what Dr. Paul referred to as a “coup”.

“I do believe there has been a coup, it has been taken over, and if I can I want to just put the date in my mind. Anybody could probably pick any date in the last 100 years, but I picked November 22, 1963…. That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government. You know, by the CIA.”

Just a month later democratic presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr, the nephew of JFK, made the same accusation during an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity. Asserting that not only he but also his father the late Bobby Kennedy, the brother of JFK who was also assassinated five years later in 1968, strongly believed the CIA to be involved. Stating “There’s a 60 year cover up.”

To support his claim, during the interview RFK Jr pointed to the fact that in 1976 Congress reopened the investigation into Kennedy’s death, subsequently finding the murder of the president was in fact the result of a conspiracy.

“By the way, when Congress — ten years later — investigated the crime with much more evidence than the Warren Commission had at its disposal, Congress found that, yeah, it was a plot, it was a conspiracy.”

What RFK Jr is referring to is the 1976 United States House Select Committee on Assassinations. The investigation of which included the bombshell revelation of a Dictabelt audio recording captured from a Dallas motorcycle policeman’s microphone that seemingly provided evidence of four shots; indicating the presence of a second gunman — that is, three shots by Oswald and a fourth by another shooter.

However the committee’s findings also concluded that in addition to ruling out the involvements of the governments of Cuba and the Soviet Union, they also found no evidence of involvement from any US security or intelligence agencies. In contradiction of RFK Jr’s statements, as well as the beliefs of his father Bobby Kennedy. 

Further muddying the waters is the fact that many have sought to look towards independent investigations to glean answers as to the truth about Kennedys murder. Asserting that if the killing was in fact carried out by our government official investigations such as the Warren Commission or the HSCA would naturally be set up to fail, or at the very least not reveal the entire truth.

Historically in hindsight we now know this to be the case with the Warren Commission. The HSCA investigation showed that the FBI, with the insistence of J. Edgar Hoover, deliberately withheld key information and undermined the integrity of the Warren Commission. What’s more, In 2015 the CIA quietly declassified a report confirming that then CIA director John McCone did in fact himself intentionally mislead the Warren Commission by failing to provide the Commission with information about the agencies anti-Castro operations in Cuba. 

Senator Richard Russell outright refused to participate in the committee, citing his dislike of Earl Warren’s track record as Chief Justice. But was eventually convinced into doing so and appointed to the committee by President Johnson regardless. Documents uncovered from the University of Georgia Library show that within months of the committees investigation Russell became disgusted with the commissions procedures and penned a letter of resignation, though he never delivered it. The documents also show that Russell disagreed with the commission’s finding that Oswald acted alone.

Furthermore it is also known, and was withheld from the Warren Commission, that Lee Oswald was not only under surveillance of but was also in contact with the FBI in the weeks leading up to the assassination.

Declassified FBI documents from the New Orleans field office dated nearly one month before the assassination, on October 25th of 1963, mention Lee Harvey Oswald by name. Indicating that he was being watched by the agency.

Archive: FBI

It is a matter of public record that FBI agent James P. Hosty was “unofficially” conducting surveillance on Lee Harvey Oswald in the weeks leading up to the assassination, so much so that Oswald allegedly made a visit to the Dallas FBI field office to leave a handwritten note for Hosty threatening him (or the FBI as a whole, depending on the account) for bothering his wife. The FBI then reportedly destroyed the note immediately following the death of Kennedy.

It is also known that Oswald’s so-called defection to Moscow in the late 1950s made headlines in the Washington Post, which soon captured the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. Documents released in 1975 during the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, more commonly known as The Church Committee, headed by Senator Frank Church, show the CIA began its surveillance of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 11th 1959, by way of the CIA’s illegal mail interception program known under the code name of HT/LINGUAL. Surveillance of Oswald continued into 1962, including Oswald being interviewed by FBI agent John Fain in August of that year.

Considering this information it could be stated at the very least that the overlooking of Lee Harvey Oswald was arguably one of the biggest security fumbles in American history. That a U.S. Marine with secret security clearance who is supposedly at the same time a communist sympathizer turned defector to the Soviet Union, is under the watchful eye of both the CIA and FBI, waltz’s back into the United States, makes a threat in the Dallas FBI field office a month prior to the president’s visit, and happens to be an employee in the very same building which the president is soon to drive past and yet is somehow not flagged by the Secret Service as a security risk is astonishing.

And yet somehow the story gets even deeper than that.

As reported by Newsweek, in late 2022 a series of documents was released by a group of researchers preceding the declassification of another trove of JFK documents in the coming months. The researchers allege that the documents show concrete proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited into and involved with a CIA operation in the months prior to the JFK assassination. This certainly would be an earth shattering revelation if true, emphasis on the if, considering to this author’s knowledge at the time of this writing the dubious claim is made without the document being openly presented to the public.

Continuant to the assertion of Oswald’s alleged CIA ties however is an October 2021 article out of the Daily Mail which purports revelations that Lee Harvey Oswald underwent sniper training at a CIA camp. And following his arrest for the murder of President Kennedy his instructor, CIA operative Ricardo Morales Sr, went on record to claim that Oswald was not skilled enough to perform the killing on his own. This aligns with an analysis from a Marine Corps veteran who served in and around the same time as Oswald, intimately familiar with the weapons system and marksmanship training afforded to marines in the late 1950s. The analysis concluded Oswald could not have carried out such a feat of marksmanship by himself. 

The allegations of Oswald’s CIA training are made by Morales’s son, Ricardo Morales Jr, who says he heard his father make the admission. Some heavily redacted declassified documents corroborate that Ricardo Morales Sr was in fact under the employ of counterintelligence as an informer, infiltrator, and paramilitary commando for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Operations Division. While some dates and locations suggest it is possible for Morales to have made contact with Oswald the documents do not outright confirm this. The story is otherwise not substantiated by any evidence other than the second hand account of Morales’s son.

In the name of objectivity it is worth taking a moment to pause here and acknowledge the reality of limited hangouts and the ways in which they have been used to manipulate the conversation around the JFK assassination. To note the fact that since the very beginning mainstream media reporting has been used as an asset to facilitate aspects of the cover up. As well as the need to acknowledge the documented discrepancies regarding the Mary Ferrell foundation, which is the largest source of declassified JFK files on the web. And to point out the questionable nature of the framing of the narrative by pieces such as that from Newsweek and subsequent reports on the subject which deliberately steer away from any insinuation that the US government could have been complicit in Kennedy’s death.

The background of researcher Jefferson Morley itself should be noted — editor of the popular JFK Facts blog, former Washington Post reporter, DC press club veteran, and Vice President of the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

That is not meant in any way to insinuate that JFK Facts, or Jefferson Morley, or the works of Mary Ferrell aren’t credible by any means, as their work has even been cited earlier in this very article. It is more so merely meant to encourage critical thinking on the part of the reader to ask questions, and to give the reader as much information to consider as possible as we all try to piece together this convoluted jigsaw puzzle.

That being said much can be, and has been, claimed about Lee Harvey Oswald and his mysterious background. To extensively expound upon it here would be, like much of the tangled web connected to the Kennedy assassination, a monumental undertaking. Though a full biopic exposé of Oswald’s background is not entirely necessary for our purposes here.

What are some of the key facts that we know about Lee Harvey Oswald that contradict the official version of events?

deep dive by investigative reporter James Corbett has shed some interesting light on the truth of the man behind the myth of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

We are told that throughout his brief life Oswald was a troubled loner from an abusive home, an outcast with a desire to stand out from the crowd who became obsessed with Marxist philosophy in his teenage years. A high school dropout who eventually ran away to join the Marine Corps at the age of 17 as a means of escaping his turbulent life. Soon becoming dissatisfied with the United States he traveled to the Soviet Union following his military discharge intent on renouncing his citizenship and effectively defecting, before once again soon changing his mind, returning to the United States with his new Russian wife to work with groups sympathetic to Cuban revolutionaries openly spreading communist propaganda, and eventually taking up arms to murder the president.

That is the official account of Oswald’s existence. And yet as we have already seen in the aforementioned paragraphs regarding the FBI’s and CIA’s surveillance of Oswald, that account is not entirely true. Key information has been omitted about Oswald’s life that casts doubt on the official version of events.

As Corbett’s presentation points out, shortly after joining the Marine Corps, Oswald quickly became fluently proficient with the Russian language via taking classes not available to lower level enlisted men. He was given a top secret clearance and stationed as a radar operator at Atsugi Naval Air Base in Tokyo monitoring the flights of classified U2 spy planes conducting surveillance operations on the Soviet Union.

Relevant to this is the fact that CIA agent James B. Wilcott testified to Congress during the House Select Committee on Assassinations that while he was also sent to work at the CIA’s Tokyo station he had heard through colleagues that Oswald had been recruited by the agency, supposedly to attempt to infiltrate the Soviet Union. Notably some cast doubt on this claim as it is derived from second hand information.

Corbett’s presentation goes on to play an excerpt from an interview with Oswald himself conducted shortly after returning to the United States where he plainly acknowledges that at no time did he ever attempt to renounce his American citizenship, blatantly contradicting the official narrative of his intentions to defect.

It is also known that during this time the agency ran false defector programs in which an intelligence asset would take on the appearance of a defector in order to infiltrate a target country, particularly the USSR. A 1978 CIA memo addressed to staffers of the House Select Committee on Assassinations which was left out of the HSCA’s final report acknowledges this program. 

CIA memo to HSCA staffers, page 6: Archive

So was Oswald truly a defector? Or merely being made to look like one?

At the time of Oswald’s “defection” when skipping the country on the way to Russia he was chartered out on a military transport flight to Finland. The report continues on to point out he was somehow able to afford lavish stays at the most high end hotels before crossing into Russia. Strange for an impoverished military runt barely 20 years of age. His quick entry into the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War also raises eyebrows considering how closed off Soviet society was at that time. Typically admittance into the union would take months. But not for Oswald. Fast forward and by the time of his return to the United States was loaned money for the trip by the US embassy and flown back in on a military flight. 

Recently declassified documents have seemed to indicate that Priscilla Johnson McMillan, former congressional aid staffer and journalist and the only person known to have significantly interacted with both Kennedy and Oswald, who would later go on to be Oswald’s biographer befriending his wife Marina, could have possibly been herself a CIA asset

The report from James Corbett goes on to note that in the months leading up to the JFK assassination Oswald’s activities in and around New Orleans in relation to his work with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee coincidentally also put him in close proximity to the field offices of various intelligence entities. Including the FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Naval Intelligence, according to JFK assassination investigator and former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

Surely some of these connections could be dismissed as mere coincidence. But for all of these instances to continue to occur again and again in succession for it all to be “just a coincidence” is highly unlikely. 

None of these occurrences make any sense, or are at the very least highly out of the ordinary, if we are to assume that Oswald was just a dirt poor half wit Marine Corps grunt turned commie with a chip on his shoulder and an axe to grind. It does however seem to make perfect sense if we were to assume that Oswald was recruited into being an intelligence asset, then all of these seemingly striking irregularities fall perfectly into place as being standard operating procedure for an operative in the field.

Thus, Corbett’s report alleges that Oswald was an intelligence asset that had effectively been “sheep dipped”; a term used in intelligence circles to describe a military or intelligence asset given a civilian cover to continue their work for the government in a way that can’t be traced back to the agency, and then inserted into the assassination plot.

If this is the case, whether or not Oswald was aware of the plot to kill the president and willingly went along with it, or if he was kept in the dark and set up to take the fall, is still hotly contested. 

But why? That is the burning question, the linchpin that holds the rest of this story together. Why would our own government go to such extremes as to murder the president? For those who venture down this rabbit hole of questions there are generally two working angles. The first is that this was a sanctioned conspiracy, potentially going all the way up to vice president Johnson himself, that the military industrial complex and intelligence/ security state apparatus knowingly and willfully orchestrated and carried out the assassination. The second working theory is that the assassination was carried out by rogue elements within our government effectively staging a coup. 

That still doesn’t completely address the “why”, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First it’s necessary to point out in a vacuum such an allegation does seem quite outlandish, but when propped up next to proper historical context, doesn’t actually seem that far fetched.

If one believes the myth that the United States of America is the virtuous morally righteous bastion of freedom and liberty, protector of democracy, epicenter of all that is good and right in the world… Then it’s easy to be blinded by that façade, “our government would never do something so horrible!”

But if one has been able to reconcile with the truth that the US is a colonialist project turned ruthless empire, built upon a foundation of indigenous genocide and slavery, upon which nearly every war it has been involved in has been based on lies. That routinely and without remorse destabilizes any region of the planet that does not adhere to its unipolar hegemony using methods up to and including staging coups and assassinating world leaders, suddenly the death of JFK seems like something right out of the empires playbook.

There have been numerous quandaries as to why some of the sociopaths in power may want to have Kennedy removed. Some of them actually possess a considerable amount of credibility. Others are nothing more than fabricated fallacies.

A prime example of the latter is the assertion that Kennedy was supposedly the victim of the dastardly banking cartel. As the story goes President Kennedy had decided to reclaim the American monetary system from the hands of the international banking cabal, and with the signage of Executive Order 11110 stripped the power away from the Federal Reserve and authorized the Department of the Treasury to begin the issuance of US currency backed up by denominations of silver. 

This is a fairly popular myth that many Kennedy assassination researchers still cling to to this day. But that is all it is, a myth. If we actually do our due diligence and research the legislation we see it for what it truly is. EO 11110 far from taking power away from the Federal Reserve actually did the opposite. This is due to the fact that prior to the signage of the executive order the Treasury already had the authority to issue silver certificates. But on the same day Kennedy signed another piece of legislation, Public Law 88-36, which repealed the Silver Purchase Act of 1934.

EO 11110 simply granted the Treasury back the power that it already had while keeping the other provisions of public law 88-36 in place. A further look at the legislation shows that it actually granted the Federal Reserve more power than it previously had, and actually set into motion a policy proposal promoted by Kennedy himself to withdraw treasury issued silver certificates from circulation in favor of Federal Reserve notes. 

If anything Executive Order 11110 and the other legislation accompanying it actually assisted the international banking cabal in maintaining the status quo.

Another prominent myth that many point to as a primary reason behind JFK’s assassination is an alleged speech which he gave opposing the sinister plots of secret societies around the world. For many of us who have been in the alternative media space for some period of time it is likely we have all come across what were at one point the very viral five minute clips containing these JFK sound bites, often starting with the words:

“The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, secret proceedings, and secret oaths..” And would later go on to utter the phrase “For we are opposed around the world by a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy, that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.”  A version of that full 5 minute clip can be found here. 

However once again these viral internet clips are a deception. In reality these clips have been heavily edited from the full original speech, and put in a completely different context. The full speech, nearly 20 minutes in length, was given by John F Kennedy in an address to the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27th 1961.

When listened to in its entirety compared to the edited 5 minute version it puts Kennedy’s remarks into a completely different context. We see that he wasn’t praising the freedom of America’s so-called constitutional Republic riling in staunch opposition against secret societies such as the Freemasons, or the Illuminati, or some other such nefarious organization. Kennedy was in fact issuing a plea to the top newspaper editors and publishers in the country to forgo their ethics of journalistic integrity and the protected right of the freedom of the press, urging them to use their discretion in not revealing too much of the government’s secrets, in the interests of “national security”. Not unlike remarks that we’ve heard from the likes of George W Bush or Barack Obama. 

Surely for those who put JFK on a pedestal as the white knight come to save America who could do no wrong such a revelation understandably comes as a shock. It certainly was for yours truly as I myself did, and for a large part still do, admire Kennedy and hold him in high regard. But we must always remind ourselves to be objective and realistic in our analysis of the facts. 

But aside from these popularized myths what real reasons were there that existed that in the minds of a war mongering imperialist could potentially motivate conspiring to kill the president? It is a question that seemingly answers itself. Despite having just acknowledged Kennedy’s faults in empowering the Federal Reserve and undermining the integrity of a free press, we now turn around and acknowledge arguably the most positive aspect of his administration. His foreign policy.

As we have previously reported President Kennedy was in fact a strong advocate for peace. He was certainly not the bloodthirsty war hawk that the military industrial complex was becoming so accustomed to, and his policies reflected that. 

Contrary to the agendas behind the ideologies of McCarthyism and the Monroe Doctrine that were so heavily prevalent during the Cold War, Kennedy had always had a strong anti-colonialist worldview and an extraordinary propensity for embracing third world nationalists

Kennedy’s talent for diplomacy and position to support decolonization in the Congo and other parts of Africa and the Middle East, as well as elsewhere such as Indonesia, in favor of the revolutionary nationalists attempting to reclaim their country from the grip of European domination angered much of the ruling class power structure that had embraced the ideology of western imperialism.

With regard to Vietnam, prior to his assassination from the very outset of his administration President Kennedy was at odds with his military and civilian advisers with regard to policy in Southeast Asia. Nearly all of them were pushing Kennedy for a military escalation in Vietnam which he staunchly and continuously resisted. Kennedy instead favored to use diplomacy to attempt to ease tensions in the region, attempts which were sabotaged by his aides. 

It seems as though the more his war hawk advisors tried to push him into a disastrous conflict in Vietnam the more fiercely he opposed it. Audio recordings recovered in recent years show that by early November of 1963, just weeks before he would be killed, Kennedy had ordered a full withdrawal of U.S. forces from Vietnam. 

Kennedy’s attitude towards Cuba, or more appropriately his attitude towards his advisers attitudes towards Cuba, were just as radical. Following the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962 Kennedy opened up back channels of private communications with Fidel Castro in attempt to negotiate peaceful relations among the countries. He told Castro “In the matter of the Batista regime, I am in agreement with the first Cuban revolutionaries. That is perfectly clear.”

Despite earlier tensions stemming from Kennedy’s backing of operations attempting to overthrow Castro, this new development prompted Castro to call Kennedy “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

Kennedy expressly opposed overt military intervention in Cuba. The Eisenhower administration had previously begun plans for covert operations in Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro. On January 22nd 1961, just two days after his inauguration as President, CIA advisors briefed Kennedy on the plan and he authorized the operation. But Kennedy was misled. By the time the Bay of Pigs invasion was in full swing of April 1961 it was a disaster, resulting in one of the worst foreign policy fiascos in American history. Kennedy was furious, he immediately fired CIA director Alan Dulles and famously declared his desire to “Splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”.

In one particularly notable saga, in early 1962 the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of staff drafted plans for a false flag attack that would incriminate Cuba and justify a full scale US military invasion of the island to oust the Castro regime.  The plan was called Operation Northwoods. The insidious plot called for CIA assets to launch a series of terrorist attacks which could be blamed on Cuban forces. Including attacks against U.S. military personnel in Guantanamo Bay, as well as sinking boats of Cuban refugees. The plans also included options for airplane hijackings, and even a bombing campaign in Miami and Washington DC that would kill American civilians. CIA and the Joint Chiefs all signed off on the operation. But Kennedy, horrified by the proposal, rejected it. 

These and many other episodes like it contributing to the ongoing hostilities between Kennedy and the national security state, many argue, establish the increasingly plausible motive that the conspiracy to murder President Kennedy was in essence a coup d’état over foreign policy

In the years since the president’s death, even in recent years, much work has been done by passionate researchers including by the likes of director Oliver Stone to produce troves of evidence debunking the official story and providing the American public with a glimpse, even if it is yet to be a full view, of what really happened.

The most recent addition to this body of evidence came just last week in the form of a new documentary, JFK: What The Doctors Saw. In it, for the first time since that fateful day 60 years ago in Parkland hospital the surgeons that tended to the wounds of a dying president provided their first hand account of the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Their testimony leads to one resolute conclusion: Oswald did not act alone

This assertion falls directly in line with and provides even more corroboration for previously presented evidence demonstrating the fraudulent nature of the JFK autopsy. As diligently covered by former libertarian presidential candidate Jacob G Hornberger, the evidence that the military and the Secret Service were complicit in a fraudulent autopsy immediately following the death of President Kennedy is irrefutable and, as Hornberger asserts, there is no innocent explanation for a fraudulent autopsy. It automatically equates to guilt in the assassination itself”.

In conclusion, by no means is what we have presented here meant to be a bombshell exposé or a definitive tell-all of precisely what happened that day in November of 1963. But what it is is a collection of pertinent evidence and a clear demonstration of facts that contradict the blatantly false official story. It is a collection of evidence with which the American people can arm themselves and begin understanding the truth behind the most infamous murder in American history, and as such the truly sinister nature of the deep state establishment that has taken hold in the depths of our government so firmly since that day.

With all of this information, even if what it points to is not entirely clear one thing that is clear is that the official story regarding the death of president John F Kennedy is indeed a fabricated fantasy. The evidence undercutting the official narrative is incontrovertibly clear that the American people were lied to about the death of its president. 

The only way to fully understand the present is to understand the past and the events that lead us here in the first place. Only then we can use that knowledge to guide ourselves into a more prosperous future. Like with many historical events, the JFK assassination holds a key in the fundamental understanding of American history. That key opens the door which reveals ugly truths, but only in confronting those harsh realities can we begin to work to correct them, and in doing so perhaps finally come to realize John Kennedy’s dream of a truly peaceful and prosperous America.