Politicized Language


“Social justice” activists are changing and redefining many words, from “birthing people”, “equity”, “mistress”, “violence”, to “racism”.

Is that a harmless evolution of language? Or a step towards “1984?”
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Tim Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute argues that today’s language changes are dangerous.

For example, one activist declared that “a transgender woman of color walking down the street and being called a man — [that] is an act of violence.”

“It is quite chilling,” says Sandefur, the degree to which the social justice movement… is willing to control our language.”

“The only way that we have as human beings to deal with one another is through language, discussion, debate, deliberation. If we say that that’s a form of violence … then the only way left for us to relate to one another is through power,” he adds.

I push back , saying that the social justice movement has good intentions.

The video above has our full discussion.