Picturing America


Rachel Haywire | Medium | The Cultural Futurist

Picturing shadow actors getting paid to contract Covid-19 in order to spread it to the candidates. Picturing science labs and war rooms and fetish nurses dancing to political anthems in monarchist hats while snorting lines off of naked protestors. Picturing America.

Picturing votes being stolen from elections never announced. Picturing endorsements from victims and denouncements from predators. Picturing predators acting like socialists. Picturing socialists nationalizing victimhood. Picturing race riots and economic collapse. Picturing lies and propaganda. Picturing cults of dissidents being weaponized by the state. Picturing the state being weaponized by the press. Picturing the death of the press. Picturing the birth of the media. Picturing the state chasing the journalists. Picturing the journalists chasing the tech. Picturing the technology breaking during the election. Picturing the election getting canceled. Picturing history.

Picturing bioplagues being designed by artists during their last stay at the regime hotel. Picturing hotels for hackers being hacked by hotels being hacked by cult leaders applying for jobs at tech companies being sold to politicians being groomed to play media games media toys media strategy material stolen buildings burning statues defaced narratives breaking loving killing both sides are wrong right left center where are you? Picturing globalism.

Picturing humanity. Picturing sabotage. Picturing war. Picturing shadow actors getting paid to contract covid again. Picturing the candidates fighting back in fear. Picturing the science labs and war rooms denying the fetish nurse her pension. Picturing sex workers getting sex changes. Picturing podcasters picturing themselves taking pictures of one another. Picturing thought leaders feeling embodied. Picturing the end of history and the beginning of the future. Picturing rogue militant off the grid living communities. With all of these pictures, it’s hard to keep focus.