Paul vs Fauci


Senator Rand Paul was suspended by YouTube. Why?

For dumb, shortsighted reasons. We should listen to Paul, because he got a lot right.
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Paul helped inform people that the federal government funded “gain of function” experiments in China.

In May, when reporters called the idea that the virus came from the lab a “conspiracy theory” and social media companies even banned discussion of that idea, Rand Paul helped inform the public that there’s a good chance it’s true.

Now even Anthony Fauci admits, “it could have been a lab leak.”

President Biden eventually ordered intel agencies to investigate that possibility.
When he did that, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter stopped banning the idea.

There was lots of evidence all along.

Social media companies should just stop banning ideas.

The above video has that, and more about Paul’s fight to get important Covid information to the public.