On The Importance Of Individual Identity


Exploring the concept of fostering a strong sense of individual identity as an aspect of self ownership and promoting the principles of individual liberty.

As human beings the concept of identity is tantamount to one’s understanding of the world, because understanding the world around us begins with first understanding who we are. What we view ourselves to be directly impacts our perception of how we view the world. 

Throughout history a strong sense of individual identity played a pertinent role in fostering the identity of cultures as a whole, or perhaps vice versa. Nonetheless, a strong sense of identity, a people having a sense of who they are, and forming strong community bonds around such ideologies played a crucial role in the development, structure, and survivability of societies the world over.

This same concept came to be understood by the ruling class, or more aptly referred to as the predator class, who solidified their wealth and power by controlling the masses in various different ways. Typically through forms of social engineering, psychological manipulation, and propaganda, all of which would typically play upon inherent tribalistic tendencies. But also through forms of acculturation and ideological subversion.

It became a common practice among ancient rulers invading and conquesting foreign lands to alter the culture and belief systems of the people they conquered to more closely resemble their own as a means of subverting identity and subduing the populace ideologically.

This can be perhaps best exemplified by the way in which the Roman authority co-opted and altered early Christianity to better suit the political needs of the empire. And in later centuries how this new corrupted imperial version of Christianity was used by kings to ideologically conquer their enemies during Europe’s period of forced conversions, and subsequently to justify the conquest and expansions of colonialism throughout the rest of the world by way of decrees such as the Doctrine of Discovery,  notably resulting in the loss of identity of indigenous Americans through mass acculturation, displacement, and genocide.

While it must be noted that concepts of a collective identity can, if abused or misappropriated be incredibly detrimental and even dangerous such as the case with authoritarian regimes the likes of Nazi Germany; the sense of the identity of the individual is what leads every man and woman to know themselves and as such be more firmly rooted in a set of ideals and values that give them a sense of purpose and direction.

Moreover, it can be observed today, particularly in the West, that the loss of this fundamental aspect of human nature is ongoing. Many people appear to no longer have a strong sense of self or self-worth. Seeming lost, directionless, and without purpose. Leading to a rise of detachment, dissociation, and mental health issues. As well as addictions to drugs or alcohol, or even social media or sexual promiscuity as people attempt to find validation and fulfill their perceived lack of purpose.

This may have been caused by a myriad of factors, the nuanced and overlapping multitude of which is far too numerous to thoroughly examine here. But needless to say it is likely the propagandization and demoralization of the masses by the agendas of the predatory ruling class oligarchy played a significant role.

As such, this opens the door for other self-destructive or otherwise subversive tendencies, which are often normalized in mainstream society in the same manner. 

One such example being the prevalence of identity politics and similar tribalist mindsets which are divisive and unproductive in nature, yet many latch on to these collective mindsets for a sense of belonging due to their own lack of individual identity.

The need to establish a strong sense of identity unique to each person is tantamount, I believe, to establishing self-ownership and promoting the concepts of individual liberty, and ultimately, to the uplifting of all people and the progress and prosperity of society as a whole, fostering resistance to the machinations of those who might exploit the innocent.

The discovery of such an identity distinct to ones own being is something that each individual person is going to have to do themselves through their own journey of self discovery, ideally assisted by an unwavering curiosity and open minded objectivity.

Whereupon discovering who we want to be, the values that we hold dear and creating a strong sense of understanding of who we are, what we believe in and the principles we are willing to resolutely uphold, the strength that accompanies that sense of self fosters an unshakable resolve that makes us exponentially more resilient in the face of adversity. And as such creates foundation for which upon we can create a better future for ourselves and those around us.