Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of Lying About Border Patrol, Screaming At Agents


Ocasio-Cortez Accused Of Lying About Border Patrol, Screaming At Agents. After preparing a tour of CBP facilities the far left democrat reportedly did not go on the tour, instead she is accused of yelling at agents for laughing and then lying about a woman being forced to drink from a toilet.

Border Patrol Agents claim that she exaggerated the whole thing. Shortly after several far left Democrats held a conference to discuss the illegal immigrant facilities and were greeted by protesters shouting them down.

While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made several claims about facilities and the behavior of agents its hard to know which side is to be believed as this will likely just fall on tribal lines with the left and Democrats defending AOC and the right and conseravtives believing CBP.

One news outlet appears to have filed a FOIA request for footage of the incident, which would certainly be interesting.


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