Notes From Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 1


Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Notes #1 



Opening Statements 


Jane (14 year old), man & woman (lived in Palm Beach, Florida) 

  • Meeting targeted for sexual abuse
  • Ghislaine took them on shopping trips 
  • Normalized abusive sexual conduct 
  • Defendant (Maxwell) brought them into the room


Preyed on vulnerable young girls, trafficking kids for sex 

  1. Evidence shown/supposed: 
    1. Life of extraordinary wealth and luxury 
    2. Owned entire private island, private planes 
    3. Personal/intimate relationships
    4. Epstein’s closest associate 
    5. Defendant (Maxwell) was “lady of the house” 
  2. Culture of silence 
    1. Rules for staff were STRICT 
    2. Heinous crimes sexually abusing teenage girls 
    3. Targeted daughters of single mothers 
    4. Wealthy, powerful, and well-connected 
    5. Pay for school, lessons, acting, etc. 
  3. Operate in plain sight 
    1. Next stage involved grooming them for sex 
    2. Massage? 
    3. Defendant initiated, brought girls into massage room
    4. Every single day 

Facts of the Case 

Massages escalated to touching, oral, vaginal sex 

  • Defendant (Maxwell) recruited and groomed them for the abuse. She knew exactly what was going to happen. 
    • {G.S.} Essential to the scheme 
    • Lured with promise of a brighter future 
    • Living a life of extraordinary wealth 
  • Invited to Palm Beach for tea 
  • Gives up scholarship to befriend children 
    • Took her to movies and shopping trips 
    • Paid for voice lessons within 1st year 
  • Defendant (Maxwell) was there for frequent “horrifying” massages for years 
  • Traveled to New York (NY) 
    • Multiple girls targeted 
  • 16 year-old traveled to New Mexico (NM) ranch
    • Isolated and then massaged 
    • Then sexed 
  • 17 year-old spotted in a parking lot 
    • Recruited by the early 2000s 
    • [They] devised a scheme 
    • [They] encouraged girls to bring other girls and paid them 
  • Kids being sexually abused 
  • Maxwell showed and knew exactly what she was doing 
    • Enticed and wooed to travel for more sexual abuses 
    • Sometimes touched them herself 
    • Experiences that scared them 



  • Six (6) Counts 
    • Four (4) transporting over state lines 
    • Two (2) sex trafficking of minors 


Mansion in Florida (Palm Beach)


Mansion in New York City (NYC) 

  • Both covered in pictures/paintings of naked women 

All evidence points to child exploitation and entrapment 

  • Dangerous predators 


  1. Close attention to evidence 
  2. Listen to judge Nathan 
  3. Common sense 

This trial is about “Memory, Manipulation, and Money” 

  • Four main accusers – Jane, Annie, Kate, Carol 
    • Four different stories
    • Four claims 
    • Can’t pinpoint dates 
  • Changing stories 
    • Memory changes, can be contaminated over time 
  • Untrustworthy 
    • Uncorroborated, no documentation
    • Done for personal monetary gain 
    • No eyewitnesses to their accounts 

2008 – Fall from Grace 


  • Diet changes 
  • Solitude 
  • Entourage 
  • Lawyers 
  • Media 
  • Money 
    • All may have impacted memory 
    • Benefactor paid for lessons, prestigious professional school, apartments

Epstein Victim Compensation Fund 

Each of the four victims have received millions. 

  • Annie: 41, psychotherapist, +$1.5 million 
  • Kate: 44, over age of consent, ambitious, jetsetter lifestyle, dated older men, used drugs, +$3.4 million 
  • (U.K.) J.K.: Continued relationship with Epstein for over a decade 
  • Carol: Troubled past, dangerous lifestyle, lots of drugs, recruited by Virginia Robbins, 2007 – Palm Beach  

Second and Third-Hand Witnesses 

Lawrence Visosi, Employed by Epstein (1991-2019) 

  • Pilot captain (July 1991), Columbus, OH 
  • Flew every four days (1994-2004)

David Rogers

  • Pilot 
  • Palm Beach, Santa Fe, New York, St. Thomas, New Mexico, Paris, U.S. Virgin Islands 

Sarah Kellen