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Last year, we added up all the candidates’ spending plans. Since then, they’ve proposed so much additional spending that we had to do a new video!
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We break the spending plans into four categories: Education, Welfare, Environment, and… a “Grab-bag” section.

First, Education: Joe Biden wants free community college, to cut student debt in half, to increase Pell Grants, “modernize” schools, create government-funded pre-K, and hire school psychologists. In total, Biden would increase spending by $157 billion every year.

Yet he’s the “moderate”!

Compared to most others, he is. Pete Buttigieg would spend $178 billion a year on similar programs.

His plan is nothing compared to Elizabeth Warren’s. She’d eliminate nearly all student debt, impose universal childcare, and quadruple spending for low-income schools.
$277 billion.

Bernie Sanders would eliminate ALL student debt, even for the rich. That alone would cost $220 billion a year. Add in $60 billion for free childcare and pre-k, and $15 billion for black colleges, Sanders’ wants to increase education spending by $295 billion.

That’s just education. In total, two candidates want to increase spending by several TRILLION dollars!

Who’s the worst? Who is least bad?

For the other rounds, and to see the final winner, see the video above.