These are not paramilitary identifiers, but are instead random identifiers


Photo taken by Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

* Top Secret Agents Patches are Captured by Photographer


These are not paramilitary identifiers, but are instead random identifiers on the patches to keep the agents’ names private from the public.

The ZTi rumor has spread so fast that ZTI Solutions’ website was down when Heavy visited, with an error noting that the bandwidth limit had been exceeded.

ZTI Solutions, LLC provides consulting and staffing solutions for federal, Department of Defense, and commercial organizations, according to their website. But they are not identified on the patches that went viral. The patch in the photo is a random string of numbers and letters used to identify the federal officer wearing the uniform.

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Americans have been captivated in recent days over alleged Federal agents in Portland, driving up in unmarked vehicles and performing what is known as a snatch and grab. The “snatch and grab procedure was made popular in 2011 during the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

Now, Photographs uploaded last night on Facebook by professional photographer Mathieu LewisRolland, show individuals dressed in military uniforms, decorated with patches that spell out ZTI, located on the left shoulder from within the confines of Portland late at night.




What is ZTI Solutions?

ZTI Solutions was founded in 1997 and is located in Edinburg, Virginia, according to the contractors LinkedIn account. The company’s line of business includes developing or modifying computer software and packaging. Their official website claims, “ZTI Solutions, LLC specialized in providing consultation and staffing solutions for federal, DoD and commercial organizations with engineers providing expertise.” The website has been up and down all day, stating they have reached their band with limit.

Bizarre Military Ties

The company has a seemingly normal, real life descriptions of work until you research their current employees. Then you start to realize it maybe more going on here that what meets the eye. ZTI’s Senior Network Security Engineer, Mitchell Maxwell’s qualifications are described as “PMP, CISSP, CCNA, Active Top Secret Clearance,” and his job description is listed as “Combating Terrorism, Technical Support Office (CTTSO), Currently performing ISSO duties for the Secure Unclassified Network (SUNet),”according to his personal Linkedin details.



While scraping ZTI Solution’s account on google, I discovered the following associated organizations. Apparently ZTI is associated with/ or has done work for – the United States Special Operations Command, Defense Security Service, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Naval Research Laboratory, Naval Seas Systems Command and many other agencies suggesting the organization is much more than an advanced networking organization and computer systems.

The United States Special Operations Command specializes in Civil Affairs, Hostage Rescue and Recovery,Counterinsurgency, Military Information Support Operations,Special Reconnaissance, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, Direct Action, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance,Preparation of the Environment and more.

The government ties to ZTI and coincidences seem to be endless. For networking and computer experts, their website server sure was not made to handle much volume as it has been down all day at It could be just a normal patch to identify the soldier since other ZT patches, MN1 Patches have been photographed.


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