Media Caught Staging Nurse Stopping Traffic Pictures in Virginia on Video


Video Surfaces of Media Staging Medical Professional Counter Protest Photos

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

A video has gone viral showing the media staging a fake stay at home counter protest posing as a medical industry professional for a meaningful photo opportunity.

Facebook user Jess Lynne Black got out of her vehicle to show followers how large the turn out at Richmond’s Reopen Virginia rally was. “See this guys, people are sick of it,”as she panned showing endless lines of vehicles. “Everyone’s essential.”  As Reopen Virginia’s event organizer Kristen Young’s vehicle pulled up near the intersection stop lights a man in scrubs stopped in front of a vehicle, posed as a medical professional in front of the intersection holding a sign that said. “You’re not being the person who Mr. Rogers knows you can be.” Onlooking media followed this single individual and snapped shots as an angry Jess Lynne Black shouted and chased on.

“Whats this flag say here?”, Black ponders as she suddenly realizes whats about to take place in front of her.  “oh, oh they’re staging, I’m glad I got this! a staged…a staged media op look at that, staged on facebook live, don’t publish it in your paper, you’re a fraud! They just staged one of those medical pictures with the guy in his scrubs and I got it on camera,” Brags Black as she began to yell, “You’re a fake! You’re a fake!”

Kristin Lynne Hall who also witnessed the bizarre event. “As soon as they crossed, I jumped out with my professional camera, I am SO THANKFUL I brought, and captured the “crew.” These two cameramen are WITH that “doctor/nurse.” It was very clear to all of us that it was a staged photo shoot trying to reenact the same scenario that happened in Denver and other states.”

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