Masseuse States Georgia’s Mike Collins (GA10) Proposed “Happy Ending” Sex Act

Addy Adds | The Rundown Live

“I just had an eerie feeling about him, but I’m a professional, I do my job,” the massage therapist said.

In an audio recording obtained by Valiant News, a massage therapist alleges that Georgia 10th Congressional District Candidate, Mike Collins (R-Georgia), propositioned a sexual act or “happy ending” during a massage.

“You don’t expose yourself on the table, like, you come to me for a reason. If you have a massage therapy session, you come for a reason. You don’t begin to expose your body, the only thing you expose is the area we touch,” the masseuse said. “This is not the place for that. I’m a professional.”

“He began to, he took the sheet up from up here, pushed it all the way down, just ready to expose his penis at that time,” the therapist asserted in the recording.

Collins’ lawyer denied the claims and said the “allegations are false” and the recording does not contain “a scintilla of truth.”

“The voters of GA10 don’t want a corrupt, carpetbagging, lifelong Democrat from DeKalb County accused of rape representing them,” Collins said. “They want a pro-Trump, America 1st fighter who’s lived, worked and raised a family in the district.”

Despite the fact Collins stated that GA10 voters want someone who is pro-Trump, it was in fact Vernon Jones who was officially endorsed by Donald Trump, not Collins.

Last week Tuesday, Jones filed a complaint with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office over a tweet posted by the Mike Collins campaign.

The tweet refers to a 2005 rape allegation against Jones, when he was the Democrat DeKalb county CEO. Jones was never criminally charged despite a GBI investigation. However, a few little birds have whispered that the rumors about Jones are in fact true.

“Those allegations are ridiculous from almost 20 years ago,” the Atlanta Tea Party President said in an interview with a  contributor to The Rundown Live. Dooley added that the allegations were also “vetted by Trump.”

“He’s encouraging violence against me, my family, my supporters. These are the same false attacks that liberals used against President Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, and Justice Clarence Thomas,” Jones said.

Collins recently came under fire for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan after Atlanta Tea Party President, Debbie Dooley, filed a complaint with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). A PPP loan is an SBA-backed loan that helped small businesses to “keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“I filed a complaint today with the SBA regarding Collins Trucking Co. and their $920,000 PPP loan. I allege that Mike Collins is using his PPP loan proceeds were [were] forgiven to fund his Congressional Campaign,” said Dooley on Monday. “Tax dollars should not be used to fund political campaigns.”

Collins lashed out against Dooley and other members of Vernon Jones campaign and endorsement team on Twitter on Wednesday when he posted a clown meme that featured Dooley, Vernon Jones, Mike Huckabee, General Michael Flynn, and others.

“I really love the photo. I love the fact I am in your head,” Dooley said in response. “The REAL circus will be when the massage therapist that Mikey solicited sex from while getting a massage comes forward.”

“Brandon Philips, from the looks of this, you have been up all night snorting cocaine again,” Dooley added.

“Complete lack of class and maturity. I live in the district and they insured I will not vote for Collins. I responded to the Tweet and was blocked. Additionally, Collins’ consultant Brandon Phillips texted Vernon supporters at 3am yesterday gloating,” Dooley said

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