Judge in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Member of Secret Society Quill & Dagger

  • Secret society lite with the prestige of similarly prominent social groups like Yale’s Skull & Bones
  • Established by 2 Sphinx Head society members at Cornell University in 1893

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

New York, New York (TRL) The United States history is saturated in conspiracy of shadow societies that guide our nation’s direction from esoteric meetings. The Freemasons, Skull & Bones, the Bilderberg Group, Knights Templar, Bohemian Grove and other organizations have infiltrated our pop culture and little is known about the role they play in influencing the underbelly of our government. As it turns out, Judge Alison J. Nathan handling the highly anticipated Ghislaine Maxwell trial is a member of Cornell Universities secret society, Quill & Dagger. A sort of younger sibling to the secretive Adam Weishaupt utopian Bavarian Illuminati off shoot, Skull & Bones.

Public records show that “Quill & Dagger” membership includes:

– Alison J. Nathan (1994) – United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; Associate White House Counsel; law clerk to Associate Justice John Paul Stevens on the United States Supreme Court

Members can be seen wearing a Quill and Dagger Pin, which is the head of a corpse, holding a quill in its mouth, impaled by a dagger.

According to New York news outlet Ithaca:

Quill & Dagger was founded May 23, 1893, the group seems to be recognized as something toutable and recognizable on a resumé – secret society lite with the prestige of similarly prominent social groups like Yale’s Skull & Bones or the highly secretive ranks of the Seven Society at the University Of Virginia: in fact, The New York Times declared in 1929 that membership in the group constituted “the highest non-scholastic honor within reach of undergraduates.”

Quill and Dagger, was founded by two Sphinx Head Members who were expelled for “immoral acts” which disgraced the University. Sphinx Head is known for honoring outstanding leaders based on their strength of character and dedication; Quill and Dagger is known for tapping seniors based on their titles and/or positions of influence in Campus organizations. Seniors are allowed to join one of the two societies.

Members of Quill and Dagger include Olympians, businessmen, and politicians. Two national security advisors and two World Bank presidents are among the alumni. Since the club didn’t accept women as undergrads, Attorney General Janet Reno and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg were given honorary memberships. At least four officials of Barack Obama’s administration were in Quill and Dagger, as were five members of George W. Bush’s. The majority of the Coors beermaker family’s male members are also included. When some minority members openly complained of racial intolerance in the 1990s, the group endured strife, but records obtained in 2012 suggest relations had improved: members identify one another as “soulmates.”