How The Recent Mainstream “UFO” Craze Detracts From A Very Real, Very Mysterious Phenomenon


Following the downing of an alleged Chinese spy balloon and three other unidentified craft, UFO mania has taken over the mainstream media. However the curated narrative is being used to discredit a much more complex phenomenon.


By Arjun Walia via The Pulse


The first thing that came to my mind when I heard a Chinese ‘spy balloon’ was brought down this month was, why would another country that wanted to conduct reconnaissance on another put up an observable, detectable, giant ‘balloon’ in the air space of another country? I thought to myself, maybe this is some sort of distraction?

According to Edward Snowden, who blew the whistle on the National Security Agency (NSA) illegal global mass surveillance program, “It’s just the old engineered panic” to ensure that national security reporters” get assigned to investigate balloon” nonsense “rather than budgets or bombings.”

Anybody who knows anything about the technological capabilities of the global military industrial complex knows that this is not how reconnaissance would be done, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Maybe sending what seems to be such an inferior, low tech gadget into the airspace of another country is quite common? China has accused the United States of doing the exact same thing within the past couple of days.

In fact, The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported in June 2021 that:

Chinese analysts “have been overwhelmed in recent years by rapidly mounting sighting reports from a wide range of military and civilian sources” by what the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are calling “unidentified air conditions.”

It’s no secret that a large majority of people across the planet have lost complete trust in their governments ability and willingness to relay accurate and transparent information to the public. The same goes for mainstream media, which is why networks like CNN are suffering their lowest ratings in the past 9 years. This is why many of us are questioning the official story so far behind these objects.

More Objects Shot Down

After the February 4th Chinese spy balloon incident, a U.S fighter jet brought down an unidentified object over the waters of Alaska on February 10th. The object broke into pieces after being shot down and was most likely not a balloon according to a Defense Department official. Apparently, it was the size of a small car.

Perhaps this one was more technologically advanced? Perhaps we will be told it’s a high tech drone from another country? Maybe it is. But that’s not the point I want to make, which we will soon get to.

Some pilots said the object “interfered with their sensors” on the planes, but not all pilots reported that experience.

Some pilots claimed to have seen no identifiable propulsion on the object, and could not explain how it was staying in the air, despite the object cruising at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

Then on February 11th, an American F-22 fighter jet downed another object over the Yukon Territory, which borders Alaska, in Canada. The object, which a Canadian official described as cylindrical and smaller than the spy balloon, was picked up on radar late Friday as it passed over Alaska.

Then on February 12th, an object that first appeared over Montana on Saturday reappeared on Sunday before being shot down over Lake Huron near Michigan. The object, which was flying at 20,000 feet, had an octagonal structure with strings hanging off.

According to The New York Times,

“National security officials on Sunday discounted the possibility that the objects shot down over the weekend might have extraterrestrial origins. However, Gen. Glen D. VanHerck, the commander of the Air Force’s Northern Command, said during a news conference, “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.”

All of this has been hitting every single mainstream news network in North America, something we’ve never seen before. Incidents like this have been ongoing for decades, but are always ignored. So why now? What’s going on?

White House press secretary Jean-Pierre told reporters as she opened a White House press briefing yesterday,

“I just want to make sure we address this from the White House. I know there have been questions and concerns about this, but there is no, again, no indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity with these recent takedowns, […] wanted to make sure that the American people knew that, all of you knew that, and it is important for us to say that from here,”

Everybody in the room laughed following this statement.

Detracting From A Very Real, Very Mysterious Phenomenon

Anybody who has dived deep into the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon knows that encounters with UFOs has been an ongoing issue for a number of decades.

There are thousands of cases available to sift through within the declassified literature, and multiple countries have admitted to having programs to track, identify, and study these objects for years.

For example, Brazil admitted to having an Unidentified Aerial Object Investigation system called “SIOANI” which was created in 1969 to investigate the phenomenon. In the United States, it was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program which was declassified in 2017.

“The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data. Maybe when this group of nations acquire more precise and definite information, it will be possible to release the news to the world.”

– General Carlos Cavero, 1976, UFOs and the National Security State.

But what we’ve never seen before is mainstream media and government making a public spectacle of these events, and relaying them to the public. The events of the past week and a half don’t compare to more jaw-dropping, paradigm shifting encounters that have occurred, displaying technological capabilities beyond anything we can imagine.

So, why all of a sudden has there been a plethora of coverage within the mainstream about unidentified objects in our atmosphere?

Debunking The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis?

Having been a researcher in the field for more than 15 years, I have several theories. One would be an effort to debunk the extraterrestrial hypothesis when it comes to explaining the origins of most UFOs.

I believe UFOs may become heavily associated with foreign adversarial objects, often blamed on other countries like China and Russia, for example. This will allow countries like the United States to increase and strengthen their already strong and authoritarian national security state, and further progress their political agendas when it comes to relations with other countries.

Building more space based weapons as well as increased surveillance measures on their own citizens may be a justification as well. Basically, a constant threat narrative will be in play.

“Incursions by any airborne object into our SUA pose safety of flight and operations security concerns, and may pose national security challenges.  DOD takes reports of incursions – by any airborne object, identified or unidentified – very seriously, and investigates each one.”

– Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). 2021.

I believe we’ve seen this throughout history. In my opinion, the US government’s Project Bluebook, a decades old program that investigated the UFO phenomenon from 1952-1969 did, in a sense, the same thing.

Based on my research, what was really discovered was never accurately relayed and given to the public in a transparent way. It seemed to be more of an effort to debunk the phenomenon, a program designed to get people to stop asking questions about it and shut down the idea that any of it could be associated with any type of otherworldly explanation.

In his very last interview, Colonel Robert Friend, a director of Project Bluebook, suggests that the Air Force closed the Blue Book program because they knew what these objects were. He doesn’t mention exactly “what” but there’s no doubt an interesting expression on his face.

Back to my original point, there are thousands of interesting cases to choose from.

For example, over the course of two weeks in November 2004, the USS Princeton, a guided-missile cruiser operating advanced naval radar, repeatedly detected unidentified aircraft operating in and around the Nimitz carrier battle group, which it was guarding off the coast of San Diego.

In some cases, according to incident reports and interviews with military personnel, these vehicles descended from altitudes higher than 60,000 feet instantaneously, either by teleportation or speeds that are unattainable to us, only to suddenly stop and hover as low as 50 feet above the ocean, on a dime. These objects also displayed pre-cognitive and other ‘paranormal’ abilities.

In 1976, residents of Tehran, Iran noticed a big bright object in the sky. The airport traffic controller also noticed, “it was an intensely bright object that was not supposed to be there.” The Iranian Air Force was contacted (at the time they were a close ally of the United States, under the rule of the Shah), and they dispatched two F-4 fighter jets to check out the object.

Both of the F-4 interceptor pilots reported seeing the object visually, it was also tracked on their airborne radar. Both planes had critical instrumentation and electronics go offline when they attempted to fire upon the object.

The report goes on to describe that a smaller object, after detaching from a bigger object, turned inside the arc of the F-4 itself, and then regained the original object. This incident lasted for several hours.

Between 1977 and 1978, the Brazilian Air Force conducted an investigation into the UFO phenomenon after citizens in the city of Colares were reporting multiple sightings, with many being at close range. These included sightings of beings inside some of the unidentified craft by military pilots.

Image of one of the objects captured by the Brazilian Air Force During their investigation.

You can read more about that story here.

In 1988, Amaury Rivera snapped the photo below in Puerto Rico. It shows a military jet within the vicinity of a hovering unidentified craft. He took the picture after waking up from an “abduction” experience with a human looking extraterrestrial and three small humanoid like beings. His story has been studied by thousands of people. This article shares what he experienced.

One interesting contact case associated with UFOs in particular is the well known Ariel school incident in Zimbabwe which took place in 1994.

More than 60 children had an encounter with an object as well as what appeared to be non human beings. All of them told the exact same story, drew incredibly similar pictures, and received the same messages regarding the potential future of our planet.

There are thousands of such examples.

Can We Trust What Governments Say About UFOs?

My question is, if we have governments and political systems that seem to incentivize immoral and unethical behaviour, one that thrives off of secrecy, perception manipulation and the retention of power, as well as a history of disseminating propaganda, then why should we expect anything different when it comes to the topic of UFOs?

This topic has been shrouded in secrecy since the 1940’s, should we expect much to change? If we look at other topics and/or actions that have been justified under the guise of ‘national security’ it doesn’t paint a really trustworthy picture.

Mass surveillance is a great example. It was once considered a conspiracy theory until NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden provided proof of just how vast and global it really is, and what kind of intrusive surveillance technology is being used.

All of this was justified under the claim that it (mass surveillance) was necessary to protect citizens.

History is chock full of example where our ‘safety’ and ‘national security’ has been used as a mask to cover our eyes to very immoral and unethical actions that governments partake in.

Narrative Control?

Information warfare is at an all time high. Big tech organizations have been active in censoring certain political views, information, science, and evidence that calls into question government measures against COVID, and more.

Organizations like NASA as well as governments suddenly claiming that only now will they begin to investigate the UFO phenomenon puts them in a prime position to explain the phenomenon, to relay “new” discoveries to the citizenry.

They’ve already begun doing this.

For example, according to the Office of the Director of National intelligence and the UAP Task Force,

“Our analysis of the data supports the construct that if and when individual UAP incidents are resolved they will fall into the one of five potential explanatory categories: airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, USG or U.S. industry development programs, foreign adversary systems, and a catchall “other” bin.”

This is what we are basically seeing with this new UFO craze within the past week.

Censorship of views, evidence and opinion will not be unique to politics, COVID, climate change, but will invade many other topics including what we’re seeing happen with the UFO phenomenon. We are seeing it in the sense that only cases that represent something explainable will be covered and receive mass attention from mainstream media.

It’s no secret that every year, more and more people lose trust in their government, especially when it comes to how they relay accurate information. Those in the UFO community, both activists and researchers, should be cautious when it comes to this type of ‘mainstream disclosure’ that’s taking place.

Anybody who has studied ufology and sifted through the evidence and the lore knows that it is an extremely vast topic that leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. What we are most likely to get is a simple, extremely watered down and sanitized version of disclosure – something that will most likely not be an accurate version of truth.

In a way, modern day mainstream UFO disclosure could be used to maintain secrecy around the subject, as mentioned above, by painting a false perception of the phenomenon to keep certain realities about it under wraps. This, again, is done by being very selective of what “UFO” cases and incidents to disseminate to the public.

There is hardly any transparency in our world when it comes to big and ‘controversial’ topics and events, so don’t expect this to be the case with UFOs. Perhaps it’s not the best idea to constantly rely on official government offices to provide us with explanations about such things.

Don’t expect a holistic, honest, and transparent perception to be painted about UFOs and all that this phenomenon encompasses. But do expect a select few cases to be covered, made into big news and used to further political agendas and tensions between countries for ulterior motives, or simply used as a giant distraction to keep our eyes away from more important things.