How Close Are We to a Self-Driving World?


Self-driving cars could revolutionize the way we travel, giving us more time to work, play, learn, and relax on the road. But when it comes to making them a reality, cutting-edge technology is only the tip of the iceberg. So, how close are we ditching driving?

How Close Are We to Finding Dark Matter? –

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What Is Lidar, Why Do Self-Driving Cars Need It, and Can It See Nerf Bullets?
“For a look inside this all-important laser sensor, we met up with Austin Russell, the CEO of Luminar, the lidar company he founded six years ago, after dropping out of Stanford at 17. (Slacker.) Russell, who has already signed a deal to work with Toyota, says his sensor can see much farther and with better resolution than anything on the market now. But can it see the dart from a Nerf gun?”

Introducing MARTY, Stanford’s self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean
“In our work developing autonomous driving algorithms, we’ve found that sometimes you need to sacrifice stability to turn sharply and avoid accidents,” Gerdes said. “The very best rally car drivers do this all this time, sacrificing stability so they can use all of the car’s capabilities to avoid obstacles and negotiate tight turns at speed. Their confidence in their ability to control the car opens up new possibilities for the car’s motion. Current control systems designed to assist a human driver, however, don’t allow this sort of maneuvering. We think that it is important to open up this design space to develop fully automated cars that are as safe as possible.”

NACTO Releases the Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism
“The Blueprint outlines key tools and objectives for cities to use as they update their physical and digital infrastructure and on every type of street and intersection, from narrow, residential streets to major multi-modal boulevards. Future modules of the Blueprint will expand on these topics with new focus areas including roadway pricing, data partnerships with the private sector, regional planning, designing autonomous networks and autonomous freight delivery needs.”


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