HARD Evidence Of Widespread Fraud Announced By Voter Audit Group, Media And Democrats STILL Deny It


Voter Watchdog Announces New Evidence Of WIDESPREAD Fraud, Democrats BACKTRACK Past Claims Of Fraud. This time the allegation is not just irregularity, it is fraud.

The Voter Integrity Fund has announces they found over a thousand votes that seem to be using false addresses to vote. Some are mailboxes at commercial facilities and others are just commercial addresses.

They claim that many of the votes appear to use “apt” on addresses to make it seem like real addresses.

Democrats had previously claimed there was interference and/or fraud but now that they are projected to win the White House they are quickly pulling back.

Trump does not seem to be on track for a contingent election victory but he is pushing forward. While many are slamming the campaign for absurd claims of grandiose schemes to shut down the election, even accusing republicans, some on the left are pointing out Trump is actually gaining ground.


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