Georgia Senators Jeff Mullis and Angelic Moore’s Affair, and the ‘Secret Back-Door Hotel Deal’ of Senate Bill 633


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ATLANTA, Georgia (TRL) -Leader of the Buckhead City movement and Constellations Group GA Chairman & CEO, Bill White, disclosed via his Twitter on Sunday that Georgia State senator, Jeffrey Mullis (married), is not only having an affair with GA Senate candidate Angelic Moore, but passed Senate Bill 633 to secretly benefit Ringgold hotel-owners who he may have personal friendships with.

“I hear things that go in one ear and out the other, but this one regarding the cityhood matter, along with his extra marital affair, is very disturbing. And I know for a fact that he is having an affair with Angelic Moore. I know this firsthand as they both told me directly.  She is running for Georgia Senate, and they both told me,” said White.

“He secretly told me he was passing a [deannexation] bill for friends that he knows from Ringgold who own a hotel there. And they were sick and tired of the Ringgold politics and they went to Mullis and apparently, [are] buddy, buddy with him. I have questions about how much money they gave to his PAC, the senate PAC, Peach State Values or other Pac, or campaigns like Butch Miller’s who is running LtGov,” stated White.

Georgia Senate Bill 633 is sponsored by Republican senator Michael Dugan and was purposed “to amend an Act providing a new charter for the City of Ringgold” and “to revise the corporate limits of said city; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”

“So they got Jeff Mullis to deannex their hotel from the city of Ringgold. It’s now back into unincorporated county, I believe, and they don’t have to deal with Ringgold anymore. That’s what Mullis told me he did.  Well, how, how and why did Mullis make that happen? Was money involved in this? Why did Jeff Mullis do this? How is that even possible that you are able to pass a law like this? And then pardon my French, but why in God’s name couldn’t he do that for Buckhead City where we are being shot, murdered, raped, carjacked and Waterboyed, attacked going to get gas? They were able to do a de-annexation for his hotel buddies, but not for crime-ridden Buckhead!” said White.

The bill goes on to list the pieces of property that are affected by the bill, which includes:

1.    Lot 138 and 139 of the 28th
13 District, Third Section of Catoosa County, Georgia, being Lot One (1) of the Alvin
14 Mashburn Subdivision.

2.    Land Lot 151 of the 28th District,
17 Third Section of Catoosa County, Georgia.

3.    Original Land Lot Nos. 138, 139,
20 and 151, in the 28th District, 3rd Section of Catoosa County, Georgia, being known and designated as Lot No. 2 Shiloh Commons.

4.    Original Land Lot 139 of the 28th
26 District, 3rd Section of Catoosa County, Georgia, being known and designated as Lot
27 No. 4 Shiloh Commons.

5.    The right of way of State Route 2, also known as Battlefield Parkway.

“And I never said anything until all this came out. So he’s married, she’s partnered this is all sleazy, you know, unethical behavior in my opinion, but who am I to judge? Butch Miller, who I do think is a sleazy car salesman, and I don’t have an ax to grind, he’s fully endorsed Jeff Mullis and Angelic Moore,” said the Buckhead City movement leader.

“I’m happy to be on record for this entire story. I’m confirming their affair. I’m confirming this bill was passed in the dark of night. We want the FBI and GBI to investigate this. I want to know how much money they donated to Bitch Miller’s campaigns and/or PACs. This is making everybody in Buckhead nuts, I’ve gotten a dozen or so questions from our donors,” stated White.

“This news is spreading around the Georgia Capitol right now. Butch Miller knew, Geoff Duncan knew, who else knew about their affair and this secret back-door hotel deal.  And Jeff went to them apparently and said, Hey, these are my buddies in Ringgold,’ and lets do a special favor for just them.  I want to get to the bottom of it,” said White.

“So it’s the Senate Bill, SB 633. There needs to be a independent prosecutor or investigator looking into this. That’s what I call for. That’s what Buckhead City calls for. And it is unbelievable that four other cities get to vote on cityhood but Buckhead doesn’t. BUT these hotel guys get it without even a vote?” White exclaimed.

“I have a personal relationship with Mullis and Moore – they both told me, ‘please keep it quiet.’ They came to my house several times,” said White.

“I was told, by the way, in no uncertain terms to hire Angelic Moore for the Buckhead City Committee. And I said to Senator Mullis, ‘why do you want me to hire her?’ ‘Oh, she’s great.’ Like an idiot. We hired her. She did nothing for us. And then I realized and confirmed she’s his girlfriend. We’re paying her $2000 a month, to be his girlfriend? Mullis runs the rules committee, he’s the chairman. This entire thing is so polluted and I’m nauseous,” added White.

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