Future A.I. Jesus Could be Downloaded into a Human


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Milwaukee, WI – A new sensation, or rather an old one with a twist, is taking Tik Tok by storm. A.I. Jesus. With over 36 Million Views and 9 million followers, A.I. Jesus quickly is becoming a cash cow in a growing line of artificial intelligence created virtual influencers.

The fake digital prophet has encouraged thousands of people to comment on it’s videos “I Believe,” in order to receive a fictitious blessing. Inherently the idea of A.I. being programmed to follow in the foot steps of Jesus Christ is not a terrible one. However tens of thousands of humans commenting and believing that the historic figure would then hear their prayers and bless them is another ethical debate entirely.

In the Future could the digital version of Jesus Christ be downloaded into a Brain Chip Interface using brain Cloud interface technology to create a human version of the savior? Kristan T. Harris of the Rundown live digs deep into this subject.