FRIDAY LIVE: The Rundown Live #815 – Leeroy Johnson, UN Soldiers in Canada, Trudeau Losing, Transformer Robots


Journalist Leeroy Johnson had his Twitter account disabled a few weeks ago and recently had his store demonetized and found himself getting arrested for covering mandate rally’s and sit ins within New York City.

DHS Suggests Those Who Spread “Misleading Narratives” That “Undermine Trust in US Gov’t” are Terrorists

“Slash The Tires, Arrest The Drivers”: Leftist Harvard Professor And CNN Analyst Calls For Violence Against Freedom Convoy

Ontario court freezes millions in trucker Freedom Convoy’s crowdfunding account

Trudeau Says Restrictions Are Necessary to Prevent Further Restrictions

Special forces soldier faces scrutiny for alleged support of convoy protesters

Joe Biden urges Canada to use federal powers to end bridge blockade

Shape-shifting Robots Adapt With Cleverly Designed Bodies, Grippers

Nearly a dozen states move to end masking mandates as COVID-19 infection rates fall

Timeline to lift all COVID-19 measures in Ontario coming soon, top doctor says

Why Did the DOJ and Kamala Harris Lie About the Vice President-Elect’s Location on January 6, 2021?- The Doug and Dave Intel Report