Free Speech for All


People complain that social media companies like Facebook and Twitter often ban good content.
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What’s the solution?

Create a platform that doesn’t ban anything! One such platform is called LBRY.

I first covered LBRY two years ago after they rescued 20,000 college lectures that Berkeley had hidden from the public. Berkeley once made those videos freely available to everyone, but then the government declared that it’s illegal to post videos without close-captions for the hearing impaired. Berkeley didn’t want to spend millions of dollars to pay people to add the captions, so it simply pulled them off their website.

Now deaf people weren’t disadvantaged because NOBODY could watch them.

Except, entrepreneur Jeremy Kauffman had fortunately already copied them all to his platform, LBRY. Now anyone can watch them—for free.

I’m glad that LBRY exists. It gives everyone a chance to watch everything.