Epstein Victim Speaks Out As SDNY April Fools the World With “Administrative Error” in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial


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New York, New York (AA) – The SDNY incorrectly stated today that presiding judge in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Alison J. Nathan, had been reassigned while Vernon Broderick took her stead, when in reality the court had made an “administrative error”.


“”REMARK as to USA v. Ghislaine Maxwell. Case reassigned to Judge Broderick due to an administrative error. Case returned to Judge Nathan. (bw) (Entered: 04/01/2022)”

-Southern District of New York Court



  • The Southern District of New York made an “administrative error” today by incorrectly submitting into Ghislaine Maxwell’s criminal case docket that Judge Nathan would be replaced by Judge Broederick.
  • The court later retracted their statement the same day it was made, on Friday, April 1, 2022.
  • Bobbi Sternheim has a requested a “stay of any ruling” due to an unreleased interview with Juror 50, aka Scotty David, that is to be featured in an upcoming documentary by Paramount Pictures.
  • A former South African model named Juliette Bryant stated in The Sun that she was trafficked to the Epstein/Maxwell network, asserting she had been abused by Epstein.
  • Juliette Bryant states she saw at least 60 girls coming and going on Little St. James Island and that Epstein and woman partook in sexual intercourse in front of her.
  • Bryant states that a “beautiful American model” named Naja Hill was the one who introduced her to Jeff Epstein.



The BBC show, House of Maxwell, recently featured a former South African model named Juliette Bryant, who asserted she had been trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein. Bryant said she never saw Epstein and Maxwell as having a romantic relationship, despite Maxwell introducing herself as Epstein’s girlfriend initially. Juliette Bryant elaborated further, saying she never even saw the pair give each other a kiss or a hug.

“Jeffrey really liked watching movies and the next day another girl was brought it. We were watching a movie and this other girl was there and she started performing a sex act on him while I was sitting next to him. I was absolutely petrified because I was so young and I’d never seen anything like that. So I ran out of the room and I was crying, I just didn’t know what to do. There was no hope of getting away. You know, I was in a foreign country without a cell phone, money or means of communication. I realized then I was completely trapped and there was nothing I could do.”

Juliette Bryant, asserted Epstein/Maxwell sex trafficking network victim.


One of the more interesting points from the article was the mention of an American model named Naja Hill, who Bryant says introduced her to Jeff Epstein. Naja Hill, like this Naja Hill? The one who worked for The Hollywood Reporter? Was Epstein the one who helped launch her career? Or is the name a coincidence?

“I never thought it would happen. These people have got away with what they’ve got away with for many years”, Bryant opined on Maxwell’s December 29, 2021 verdict.

“You’ve got to keep them away so they can’t harm other people. People are waking up to the truth.”





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