Epstein Victim Maria Farmer Identifies Journalist Vicky Ward As A Co-Conspirator


Addy Adds | The Rundown Live

New York City, New York (TRL)

  • Ward was one of the legacy media journalists who paid for professional line-sitters to hold their spot in line while awaiting entry into the SDNY courthouse during the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.
  • Epstein/Maxwell victim Maria Farmer asserts that journalist Vicky Ward took advantage of victims while covering the Epstein Saga.
  • Ward appears to have a close relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell, and did not deny being friends with her when questioned by Rundown Live writer, Addy Adds, at Maxwell’s trial.
  • Journalist Julie K. Brown of the Miami-Herald has also recently been sued by alleged Epstein victims, Haley Robson and Courtney Wild.


Of those familiar with the Epstein/Maxwell saga, the name Vicky Ward is one that many will recognize.

Ward’s 2003 Vanity Fair article, The Talented Mr. Epstein, is perhaps the most well-known article written about Epstein and was one of the first pieces of MSM literature that profiled the notorious criminal.

However, one of Epstein’s victims, Maria Farmer, has asserted details about her dealings with Ward that belie the praise she often receives for her work on Epstein.


Maria Farmer Is the older sister of Annie Farmer, one of the witnesses for the prosecution who testified in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Farmer, who at the time was desperate to get her story out to the public, saw the legacy media journalist as a way to do just that.

“Over the space of a year, I told Vicky everything that had happened to me and Annie. She interviewed every member of my family, and my dad even flew in to interview with her. She really got my hopes up that the truth about this monster was finally going to be exposed, but again my hopes were dashed.”

Epstein eventually caught wind of the plans for Farmer’s story to be featured in Vanity Fair, and entered the media outlet’s office building in an attempt to curse Ward out. Coincidentally, the then-editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, started to find dead animals left in his garden around the same time. The message was received and acted upon, and Ward cut the Farmer ladies out from the piece.

“Jeffrey told Carter to cut me and Annie from the article, and he did.” – Maria Farmer

Unfortunately for Maria, Ward’s double-dealing did not end there, as the mainstream media veteran notified Ghislaine Maxwell of Maria’s communication with the FBI.

“But that wasn’t the worst thing. Vicky Ward told Ghislaine I had reported them to the FBI, so I got a call from Ghislaine threatening me again. That’s when I went on the run and that had been my life for the past eighteen years—constantly moving houses until they track me down and threaten me again.”


“This was the woman who had promised my safety when interviewing me for Vanity Fair, then sold me out to Ghislaine Maxwell. There was no way I was giving her another story, especially because she became friends with these monsters. She was hanging out having drinks with Ghislaine, and she became partners with one of Wexner’s friends who kept her in high style.”

Ward managed to navigate the Epstein/Maxwell/Farmer situation in a way that maximized her ability to take advantage of the story while still maintaining equanimity with the mainstream Mockingbird Media.

Betraying not only Maria Farmer, but her word, journalistic integrity, and professional ethics, Vicky Ward was gifted a once-in-a-lifetime story from Maria Farmer and ran with it, never looking back at the woman she left alone to deal with years-long intimidation from the world’s most powerful criminals.

Farmer, who has been battling cancer since the discovery of a rare brain tumor in 2019, has returned to creating artwork and plans on writing her own book about her experiences being made victim by the Epstein/Maxwell network.

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