Epstein Accomplice Jean-Luc Brunel Found Hanging Dead In Prison Cell


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Paris, France (TRL) –  Former French fashion titan, Jean-Luc Brunel, has been found hanging dead in his Paris jail cell.

  • Brunel was found dead around 1AM local time on Saturday morning by guards during a routine check at La Santé Prison.
  • Jean-Luc Brunel was a long-time associate of Jeffrey Epstein, having procured over 1,000 girls for the notorious sex offender, including three 12-year-old triplets for his birthday, according to Virginia Roberts Giuffre.
  • The MC2 Models founder was first publicly accused of sex crimes in a 1988 60 Minutes piece that interviewed models who had worked with him.
  • Brunel had been charged with rape of a minor over the age of 15.
  • The Frenchman’s lawyers assert that the cause of death was due to suicide, with the prosecutor’s office offering no word yet.
  • Brunel has helped launch the careers of celebrities like Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Christy Turlington, and Jerry Hall.
  • Brunel appeared on the Lolita Express flight manifests at least 25 times between 1999 and 2005.

Jean-Luc Brunel and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jean-Luc Brunel was found dead this morning around 1AM local time in his Paris-based home of incarceration at La Santé Prison. Brunel, who was once one of the most powerful model agents in the French fashion industry, has since seen a dramatic fall from grace that largely coincided with the demise of his long-time associate, Jeff Epstein.

Born into a family of North African Jewish descent, Brunel’s original name upon his birth in 1946 was Jean-Luc-Charles Raymond Benchamoul, according to French-based Epstein researcher, Frederic Ponton. Jean-Luc and his brother, Arnaud, were born into a life of wealth and luxury thanks to their father’s success in real estate.

While the death of Epstein was monumental, the timing of Brunel’s expiration is curious. Just a few days ago, legal teams for both Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Prince Andrew have stated their desire to settle their civil suit via an out of court settlement. This statement came as shocking to many, with people citing Roberts Giuffre’s expressed desire to receive a public apology from the Queen’s favorite son, Prince Andrew.

Was Virginia Roberts Giuffre threatened by entities unknown? As the saying goes in Mexico, “plata o plomo?”, which means “silver or lead?”.

“Would you like to take my money or my bullets?” is a possible thinly veiled threat from a dark entity interested in protecting the powerful people implicated in the Epstein/Maxwell trafficking network. The people involved in the Epstein/Maxwell network are some of the most powerful people in the world, and hiring ex-intelligence agency mercenaries formerly from the CIA, Mossad, or MI6 and now for Academi (Blackwater) or other guns for hire would not be difficult.

For example, Epstein’s buddy Harvey Weinstein employed former Mossad agents to ask (intimidate) his victims into silence.

Giuffre Roberts has asserted she was forced to have sex with Jean-Luc Brunel several times over a three-year period, in addition to being forced to partake in lesbian orgies with dozens of other foreign girls, many of whom appeared to be underage.


One example is the Dutch model Thysia Huisia, who accused Brunel of drugging and raping her when in 1991 she was 18.

“Brunel gave Thysia a drink he said he’d mixed especially for her. She drank it and immediately started to feel woozy. The rest of the night’s events ran like a kind of blurry slow-motion movie with tiny moments of horrific clarity – Brunel taking her to his room, lying her on the bed and telling her to relax; the sound of her blouse being ripped open; wanting to struggle but being unable to move; and the feeling of something pushing between her legs.

Thysia woke the next morning wrapped in a kimono that wasn’t hers with her clothes in a pile on the floor. Her inner thighs were marked and bruised. She got dressed, grabbed her backpack from the other room and ran out the apartment while Brunel was on the phone.”

“Who Killed Epstein? Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton – War On Drugs Book 5” by Shaun Attwood.


Thysia Huisia stated she was “in shock and disappointed” upon hearing the news of Brunel’s demise. Huisman is part of a group that includes at least four alleged victims of Brunel, with all victims being represented by Paris-based barrister, Anne-Claire Le Jeune.

In a 1988 interview conducted by Diane Sawyer for 60 Minutes, American models revealed their experiences with Brunel:

“It’s a meat market. You are there for the purpose of someone wanting to take you home to bed. He is acting as a matchmaker. He’s got the agency. He’s got the girls.”

“What happens if you say no?” asked Diane Sawyer in the 1988 interview.

“You don’t work.” replied American model, Courtney.


Brunel met Epstein in 1993 or 1994, and also has ties to his brother Mark Epstein through his properties at 457 Madison Avenue and 301 E. 66th Street.

According to both Brunel’s former bookkeeper, Maritza Vasquez, and Jeff Epstein’s former butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, Mark Epstein’s apartment building at 301 E 66th Street housed underage models for the MC2 Modeling agency. The Frenchman charged them $1,000 per month with Brunel and Epstein skimming off 30% cut of their earnings.

Brunel’s Death Has Already Inspired Epstein-Esque Memes & Theories

Similar to Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the CCTV cameras in and around Brunel’s cell were likewise, dysfunctional. The death of Jean-Luc Brunel brings about another significant waypoint in the Epstein saga: another indicted child sex offender’s death, one that again means justice is evaded and powerful perps can breathe even easier than they did before either Epstein or Brunel conveniently “committed suicide”.