Democrat MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Gets WORSE, Pelosi Entertains Impeachment As Way To Stop Trump

Democrat MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Just Got WORSE, Dem’s “Armageddon Option” Could Destroy The US. The democrats are so desperate that they have proposed radical changes and even refused to take impeachment off the table.

When asked about impeaching Trump or Bill Barr Nancy Pelosi said that she had many options and was not taking any “arrows out of the quiver”

Other Democrats like Chuck Schumer said that “nothing is off the table”

We know nothing is off the table since they lied and smeared Kavanaugh.

Trump and the Republicans won and now the Trump nomination should get confirmed in the Senate because that is how the US works.

They have the right to choose a new SCOTUS judge and Democrats are vowing to burn it all down to reverse the wins from the right.


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