CBS News Lies, Tells Viewers Joe Rogan Is Killing People


CBS News addressed the ongoing targeting of Joe Rogan for censorship, suggesting that the podcast host is killing people by spreading COVID misinformation.

Steve Watson | Summit.News 

While claiming that they are in favour of free speech, the talking heads on CBS Mornings declared Rogan’s show to be “dangerous.”

“You have a First Amendment right to say what you want. You don’t have a First Amendment right to appear on a platform as large as Spotify, that’s the issue,” said one of the script readers.

After flashing up a graph showing rates of unvaccinated hospitalizations (figures grossly distorted by the lack of distinction between people admitted WITH and DUE to COVID) the gaggle agreed that the virus is a “life and death issue,” urging that Rogan should be silenced.

One of the bunch argued that you can’t just ‘turn off’ Rogan’s show because too many people won’t do that, they will continue to listen, suggesting that the only course of action is to completely silence Rogan.


CBS and the rest of the media (sponsored by Pfizer in many instances) are pumping out the exact same narrative regarding Rogan, while declaring that their own few thousand viewers are “more enlightened” than the millions that Rogan regularly pulls in, trouncing the ratings of even the most popular TV news outputs.